DAY 7 (Tuesday, June 2) - Poitiers...

Today we leave for Futuroscope which is located in Poitiers. We need to leave the house very early. I was up by 5:15am and we were gone by 6:18am.

Daniel drives fast and furious!

Poitiers is several hours away from Corgoloin, which is why we needed to leave so early that day. We had been driving for a couple of hours. My father-in-law doesn’t take highways; he drives from village to village. It’s long and a lot of round-abouts. They have a map and Francoise is the navigator. They either got a little lost or they aren’t agreeing on the correct way to continue from this one village we drove into. The village was having what seemed to be a nice farmer’s market that day and there were detours (deviations) set up which was making the navigation a little more difficult.
There is some stern talking between them. We drive out of the village and then turn around and go back into the village. At this point I tell Jerome that I need to go to the bathroom. He conveys the message as they are leaving the village again and the message seems to be lost in their bickering. They drive back into the village one more time and I think that I will be able to use the bathroom, but then, once again, they drive out of the village. I think…well, I can hold it until the next village.

Daniel makes a quick right on a very narrow (only one car lane), country road. I think…strange way to go to Futuroscope. He turns around in a clearing and stops the car. Francoise says “pee-pee” and hands me a roll of toilet paper. I stand there in shock as I’m left holding a roll of toilet paper while all the rest go scattering to different areas of this country land and start peeing.

Nearly as soon as Francoise came out from where she had just gone, the very isolated little road became quite busy with farm tractors and bike riders. Francoise called me over to another spot and insistently motioned to me to go there. I walked into the dark forest and immediately came to some electric fencing, saw a man walking a dog in the distance, found a spot, dropped trou and did the deed. Since I’m not used to going potty in the woods and don’t know the ins and outs as to how NOT to pee on yourself, I ended up with some sprinkles on my new shoes. YUK!

We all got back in the car. I’m feeling mortified and humiliated, and then within 5 minutes, they stopped for gas! Why couldn’t we use a bathroom at the gas station?

From this point on I decided that no matter where we stop, I will be using the facilities going in and coming out, just so I don’t get into this kind of situation again.

We finally get to Poitiers. Our hotel reminds me of the F1 from two trips ago (remember Kelly?).

Out into the parking lot to have a hard piece of bread and a thin slice of ham out of the back of the car followed by water – a bit like prison.
Spend the rest of the day in Futuroscope. This is an amusement park that is similar to Epcot Center. They have 3D movies and rides. We were very lucky to be there when most of the kids were still in school. We never had to wait in line for anything, except for dinner that evening. Really amazing laser light show called "The Note Blue Mystery" at the end of the day. I think the trip was worth it just for that. Oh, and fantastic weather.


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