Monday, February 28, 2011

oh, and a crack...

We noticed a crack in the new garage floor.

more basement fun...

So, it's going on week 2 that the basement is a complete mess.  

Over the weekend we removed the duct work from the area that lead to nowhere and we reused (recycled) the ducting in an area where it could then be connected to the furnace.  You know, you need that cold air to be pulled into the furnace and forced (hot air) out...circulation...I hope we start to notice a difference.  
Sure it looks like Jerome is doing all the work...

Hubby also closed up any other holes that used to be a part of this cold air return which was not working, using some recycled pieces of the original ducting.  He used some Great Stuff and some insulation too.   Almost done.  One more weekend.
Someone's got to take the pics and be the supervisor.

I just couldn't believe that an owner would spend the money to finish the basement and totally neglect having the cold air return reattached to the furnace...and then my husband reminded me..."contractors".  Ah, yes.  I was thinking (more like projecting) that the former owner's (which ever one of the many it would have been) would have done the work themselves...since that is most likely what we would have done.

In the meantime, he found this little guy.

Too bad for him,...poor guy, he is completely intact.

Monday, February 21, 2011

alleviate the draftiness...

One of the things that we wanted to do when we bought this house was to alleviate the draftiness.

We spend a lot of time in the basement since that is where we have our office and computer.  It's been very cold down there.  Sometimes we wear coats.  Not nice.

Jerome was doing some investigating and found some major drafts in certain corners of the basement, so he went to Lowe's and purchased some insulation and some Great Stuff.  He was busy applying that stuff and decided to investigate further.

Needless to say, the basement is now a wreck.  He's moved a bunch of ceiling tiles and after a lot of head scratching, found that the cold air return that is supposed to run up to the bedrooms & dining room is not attached to the furnace in any way...and hasn't been since the owners (whomever they may be) finished the basement.

The duct stops a rafter.  It does not connect to the furnace.

Could this be a reason that the bedrooms and the basement are so darn cold?

After removing many, many ceiling tiles, we figured out how this needs to be addressed and hopefully this will be a very quick fix...and free.  We will be moving some of the ductwork over a few rafters and close up some holes - and things should start working better after that.

A couple of years back, we had a company come out to clean the ducts because a chipmunk fell into the ductwork and died...and the smell was tremendous!  They claimed to have cleaned all the ducts and yet they never told us that these ones were not attached to anything.  They never found the chipmunk either.  We did.  Yuk.

Friday, February 11, 2011

what's new?...

  • We've joined the's in the same city that we work and is on our way home.  We are averaging a couple of days a week, which I'm sure we will be able to keep up with.  I'm hoping that some improvement will start to show soon, so that I can feel that this is worth it.  We've been members now since the last week of January, but used some free passes earlier in January.  So far nothing's changed on me...maybe Jerome sees a difference in him.  He had gained a pound or two over the winter and it was bothering him (he's still 20lbs less than me) + he loves to swim and so now he can swim to his hearts content.
  • We've had a lot of snow lately (we even had a snow day from work!), but it's soon to melt away.  Our temperatures are supposed to spike - into the upper 30's this weekend and those temps are to last into the following week.  I predict that most of the snow will be gone by the end of next week.  Usually we don't have snow that lasts the entire winter, but we have only experienced one melt this season so far.
  • Jerome had planned a Kart2Kart evening with people from work.  He also included people from my job and then extended the invite to the MINI peeps.  It ended up being a really good turn out; 14 people.  However, I hate to report that Jerome's winning streak ended with this race.  He came in 4th!  YIPES!  I felt I needed to report this since I always report when he wins.
  • Dad has been selling a few more paintings on Etsy lately.  Always a surprise.  He's sold 26 paintings so far and as he would put it, he's tickled.  He continues to crank out the paintings; several a month - so as long as he's painting them, I'm posting them.  You never know what people will find attractive.
  • My sister Terry has finally landed a job since she arrived back in the USA from Austria (October 2009).  It's not a bad job.  She'll be illustrating a childrens book.  The author is located in London, England and it's a Christian Children's book...right up her alley.  I'm pretty happy about this.  She's been beating herself up for over a year that she hasn't been able to bring much to the table - but now I'm pretty sure she'll feel like she's doing her part.
  • Lastly, I received Valentine flowers yesterday; delivered to my job.  My hubby,...what can I say.  He wanted to have them sent to work and since I don't work on Monday's, he chose's also much cheaper delivery charges on Thursday than any other day that is closer to Valentine's Day.  It was really sweet and I really love them.  He's OK too.