more basement fun...

So, it's going on week 2 that the basement is a complete mess.  

Over the weekend we removed the duct work from the area that lead to nowhere and we reused (recycled) the ducting in an area where it could then be connected to the furnace.  You know, you need that cold air to be pulled into the furnace and forced (hot air) out...circulation...I hope we start to notice a difference.  
Sure it looks like Jerome is doing all the work...

Hubby also closed up any other holes that used to be a part of this cold air return which was not working, using some recycled pieces of the original ducting.  He used some Great Stuff and some insulation too.   Almost done.  One more weekend.
Someone's got to take the pics and be the supervisor.

I just couldn't believe that an owner would spend the money to finish the basement and totally neglect having the cold air return reattached to the furnace...and then my husband reminded me..."contractors".  Ah, yes.  I was thinking (more like projecting) that the former owner's (which ever one of the many it would have been) would have done the work themselves...since that is most likely what we would have done.

In the meantime, he found this little guy.

Too bad for him,...poor guy, he is completely intact.


Re: the third picture - EWWWWWWW! (And also? slightly fascinating, in kind of a sick way).

Maybe you want to send Jerome over here when he's done? We've not been getting much out of our forced air system & have recently become suspicious that things in the basement are to blame...
baby sister said…
Yeah, that's why I had to take a picture...otherwise I might have been tempted to keep him! and that would have really been EWWWWWW!

I could probably make a killing "whoring out" my husband for jobs such as this...but I'm a little selfish and want to keep his abilities all for ME, Me, me! ;)
Jabbles said…
Hope things work out for you.
Sometime the location of the return air isn't really that important but having enough flow to the furnace is very important.
As for the mouse, welcome to my world. I don't really see that many but it's the ones that look like a regular dust bunny that creep me out. You go to grab it and it has bones, ewww.
baby sister said…
Hey it important to have the return attached to the furnace?

Yeah, I suppose it's not a good thing to show that we have critters living in the house (or dying), makes me feel like one of the hoarders from those shows...they always seem to find a skeleton or two of some sort of animal.
Jabbles said…
The biggest issue with return air is not enough. The furnace is looking for a certain amount or air through it(CFM) if it can't get it things don't work right. In most homes one or two return air grilles per floor should suffice, as long as they are the right size it should be OK. The supply ducts are the critical ones.
dynochick (Jan) said…

I know after Roger worked on our system last winter, we saw a lot of improvement.

I think it also helped that we used that aluminum tape on all the seams. There was a lot of leaking going on around the connections.

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