Wednesday, November 19, 2008

sticky & sweet...

Last night, we went to see Madonna in her Sticky & Sweet Tour. It was at the Ford Field in Detroit. I was looking forward to it because this was my first time seeing her in concert and I think that she is one of the most famous pop singers of my time. Anyway, I think this is the only time that I would have been able to afford the tickets – Jerome said that I bought these ones. Pretty expensive.

For dinner we decided that we would try this newer restaurant / martini bar that is on the corner of Woodward and Adams – the biggest reason was for the “dining for miles” points. It is called (proof). Nice looking place, rather dark – kinda trendy and a bit cold. I had a gourmet grilled cheese and a cheesecake martini, Jerome had a portabella mushroom sandwich and some fruity martini – at least that is what he thought, but it turned out to be very strong and not so fruity.

Madonna is a gay magnet. Not that I have a problem with that; it’s just an observation. Plenty of couples at the martini bar – I said to Jerome, women and gay men love martini bars. It seemed that everyone at (proof) was going to the concert.

Short walk to Ford Field…and then we saw it…the LINE!!! Yes, we all had our tickets purchased; I’m talking about the 30,000 people that were standing in line to get in to Ford Field. I had never seen anything like it. I think we stood there for nearly an hour. It was cold outside and we just couldn’t understand how this could happen. If you went to a concert at the Palace of Auburn Hills (which we have basically boycotted), you would walk in to a large lobby area and then hand your tickets to the ticket takers. You were in the building the whole time and NOT COLD! How could Ford Field allow this? Ridiculous. I supposed it could be worse – it could have been raining.

Once inside, the amount of people didn’t decrease very quickly. We were shoulder to shoulder all the way to our section. But funny thing, out of all these people that came to the concert, we ended up walking behind and knocking into my cousin Jaqlyn! Amazing! This must have been girl’s night out for her – she just had a baby a couple of months ago. She was also surprised and greeted us fittingly – then she told me she may not be working for Chrysler much longer; she may take the buyout. She mentioned that she is still on maternity leave and was going to be returning part time and so that is making the “package” not that enticing. Eh, but anything is better than nothing in my opinion.

We found our seats and settled in. People watched…and grew increasingly annoyed. After the horribly long wait in the cold and struggling to get to our seats, we still had to wait until 9:15pm before the show actually started! The tickets stated 7:30pm, and how ever happy I was that it didn’t start “on time” because we would have missed a good portion of it, I still felt that it was really unnecessary to keep us waiting for an additional hour or more after all that commotion.

But, as I told Jerome, once the show started, no one would remember the inconvenience – especially if it’s a good show.

The bass made our pants vibrate…

The best descriptions of the concert were those that were told by the reporters; so I will just link their stories to this post:

The Detroit News
The Free Press

Oh and by the way, she is in fabulous shape; very muscular – and 50!

We had a good time and got home a little after midnight.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

the greatest show on earth...

The circus is in town.

Apparently every year around this time the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus comes to the Palace of Auburn Hills. They come by train; isn't that the way a circus is supposed to come? The train tracks are about a mile and a half from the Palace, so the elephants, horses and shetland ponies get let off near the GM plant and then they walk the rest of the way to the Palace. Bill from the MINI club informed me of this last year. He works Rousch which is located on Giddings Road, where the elephants walk right by. Last year, right around this time, I began working at FEV, Inc. on Brown Road and it's just a short walk to Giddings Road. I got to take a few minutes around 10:30 AM today and go see the elephants!!!