Tuesday, April 3, 2012

the end of an era...well, sort of...

Before anyone gets too worried, my dad is doing well.  This post is not about his condition.

This year I decided that when it was time to renew my tags (April), that I would not renew my personalized license plate.

This decision was for a few reasons. 

We originally got the plate because we were so active with our MINI Cooper Club and it was our nickname that was coined by our club-mates.  We are no longer quite so active.  Things happen, certain people suck (actually "person") and drama is not my preferred choice of activities.  We've pulled away,...not completely, but that might be in our future.

Then, sometimes I feel that when you have a notable car (MINI Cooper) and then on top of that a memorable license plate, it sort of makes you an easy target (not sure target is the correct word here...) for police activity, such as speeding tickets.  Or even angry drivers...let's say you mistakenly pull out too quickly in front of someone and they not only remember your car, they also remember your license plate...Like I was telling Jerome, when we have our car wear bunny ears for Easter or antlers for Christmas and we decide to take a road trip to Florida - it's sort of hard to hide yourself in traffic if you happen to be doing 5 or so miles over the speed limit and encounter a police officer. Blammo! They've got you!

Yeah, it's sort of like that.

Finally, I guess I'm saving some money as a personalized license plate costs $25 every year on top of the already large charge for the tags.  I am cheap, if you didn't know.

in the neighborhood...

Spent a couple of hours on Sunday at the rental.  We pulled up a portion of the pavers, filled the erosion hole with pea gravel and sand and reinstalled the pavers.

We found out that not only were two of the feral kitties prego, but a third and she was the first to have babies (last Thursday or Friday).  The name we had given her during the time we were working on our rental was Delta, and she's one of the short haired black kitties.  She had 5 babies.  The other two had not delivered as of Sunday 7pm.  Tonight is our feral cat class.

We asked the neighbor lady if she was OK with us having them neutered.  She was very happy that we would help her out because she just didn't know what she was going to do about the situation.  I hope we can help.

Went to the other neighbor and asked about the leaf pile and was greeted with nothing but kindness.  They will pick it up, they had planned to, but hadn't gotten around to it yet.

They told us about an outburst from another neighbor; one that lives across the street from our rental property.  He's a young guy, about the same age as my son.  His parents bought the house for him from the estate of the old lady who lived there for most of her life.  They got it for a steal; $40,000.  It's a really cool log house.  Anyway, the parents of this young man live down the street a few houses.  Now I think we are starting to realize that the location might have been for a reason.

I guess around 11:30 PM one night last week, the young man stormed outside and started shouting.  He would then storm back inside and outside again.  Then he got into his truck and started driving up and down the driveway like he was in a drag race.  Apparently the police were called and he was taken away for a couple of days.  According to our neighbors, this is the third time this has happened in the 4 years that they've lived there.

Oh what fun.