the end of an era...well, sort of...

Before anyone gets too worried, my dad is doing well.  This post is not about his condition.

This year I decided that when it was time to renew my tags (April), that I would not renew my personalized license plate.

This decision was for a few reasons. 

We originally got the plate because we were so active with our MINI Cooper Club and it was our nickname that was coined by our club-mates.  We are no longer quite so active.  Things happen, certain people suck (actually "person") and drama is not my preferred choice of activities.  We've pulled away,...not completely, but that might be in our future.

Then, sometimes I feel that when you have a notable car (MINI Cooper) and then on top of that a memorable license plate, it sort of makes you an easy target (not sure target is the correct word here...) for police activity, such as speeding tickets.  Or even angry drivers...let's say you mistakenly pull out too quickly in front of someone and they not only remember your car, they also remember your license plate...Like I was telling Jerome, when we have our car wear bunny ears for Easter or antlers for Christmas and we decide to take a road trip to Florida - it's sort of hard to hide yourself in traffic if you happen to be doing 5 or so miles over the speed limit and encounter a police officer. Blammo! They've got you!

Yeah, it's sort of like that.

Finally, I guess I'm saving some money as a personalized license plate costs $25 every year on top of the already large charge for the tags.  I am cheap, if you didn't know.


Eric said…
Maybe you should drive the speed limit? And use you turn signals! LOL
Charisa said…
Hang the old license in your garage and moooove on. Change is good!

(You guys look great in tutu's!)
baby sister said…
Great idea Charissa! Ever since you mentioned this, I've been thinking seriously about it.

Oh, and thanks :) I made the tutu's!
dynochick (Jan) said…
Glad to hear that your Dad is doing well.
baby sister said…
Jan, well, since I wrote this post, he's been at times doing really well and just as quickly he is doing really poorly.

We have to play this week by week.

This week he is ticking up the roller coaster hill...perhaps next week he will have gone over the hill and make us all an emotional wreck.

I explained to him what's been going on for the last couple of months and he felt badly because as he said "that must be really hard to watch". So true. Lucky for him, he doesn't remember the bad times.

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