9 times...

This was my 9th trip to France since I was 16; my 6th trip in the past 8 years - ever since Jerome and I have been seeing (and then married) each other. It is becoming more familiar to me which is kind of sad in a way because I find myself not as attentive to the smallness of the cars, the quaintness of the villages and the French way of life. It’s sometimes dismal to become too familiar – things become a bit dry. However, with that being said, I do always notice something new when I'm there - I'll tell more in later posts.

Otherwise I would say that our trip was a success and looking back, rather easy. We spent 2 weeks with the family, mostly in Jerome’s little village of Corgoloin (between Beaune and Dijon). It is really a beautiful area there; right in the middle of wine country. The department is called Cote d’Or (which is also the name of my all time favorite Belgian chocolate) and the region is called Burgundy (Bourgogne).

The family is always very happy to see Jerome and we try to plan our trips around different life events. This trip we attended Jerome’s cousin Amelie’s wedding and Jerome’s niece Emmanuelle’s 2nd Communion...oh, and let's not forget Jerome's sisters 42nd birthday!!!

In the middle of the trip, Jerome’s parents took us to an amusement park called Futuroscope and then touring châteaux (or castles to you English speakers – like moi).

It was a busy 2 weeks and I am finally recovering from my exhaustion.


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