Day 6 (Monday, June 1) - Varanges...

Again, up by 10:30am and ready by 11am.

Today we are going to Varanges (outside of Dijon) to visit Laurent and Laurence at their place for lunch.

They prepared for our eating pleasure duck breast off the grill, which was really tasty, three kinds of sausage: Indian, Mexican and Arabian, potatoes and sour cream, hard boiled eggs, sliced, tuna salad, and fruit.

We spent a good portion of our time looking at photos from their trip to the US. She had all of them developed and it filled a pretty nice sized box. I found a few that we didn’t have and asked her to send them to us using Picasa.

Unexpectedly we went for a nice walk around their village; I got to pet a horse and some doggies. Then back to the house to sit on the back porch for a while.

When we got home that evening I spoke to mom again and she said she was doing better. I had sent Justin a note to tell him to call grandma and once he did that, he tried to get a little leave from the Army (R&R) by seeing if he could come to Michigan and help with grandma. Uncle Marty put him on the right path and said it was not that bad that he would need to come home yet.

Side Note: Air France flight 447 crashed in the Atlantic; Rio->Paris. So sad.


Tami said…
How is your Mom doing? Is she out of the hospital yet? MRSA is so so nasty!

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