DAY 5 (Sunday, May 31) - Vignoles...

So, up by 10:30am (earlier than after noon…) and showered and ready by 11:30am.

Have a typical French breakfast of a croissant and chocolate Quik. They generally have hot chocolate in a bowl that they dip the croissant in and eat. I prefer a nice cold glass of chocolate milk.

Head downstairs to sit and watch Jerome work on his parent’s computer. He is the IT guy for both sets of parents. He even downloaded a free program on both my parents and his parents’ computers that allows him to remotely log in (from our computer) and “fix” whatever is screwing up at the time.

For lunch Daniel wanted to make us a fish appetizer that they had had on their trip to Tahiti in November; tuna, salmon & mahi-mahi (raw!) cut up into small bite-sized pieces with a citrus juice. I ate it, but I wasn’t a big fan. Jerome couldn’t finish it, so he gave it to his mother.

We had been invited over Sabine’s for a visit. Pascal and Camille had a few soccer matches that morning so Sabine and Emmanuelle were home on their own. The initial plan was to ride bikes to (Vignoles) Sabine’s but somehow we ended up driving there with Francoise and Daniel. Before going, we stopped in Beaune because Francoise thought that there was a Brocante and Antiquite show going on; which there was. Daniel paid for us to go in and look around. I found some things that I would have purchased if I lived there, like a really cool old bench - this is not an item that you would take on the plane back home. Another piece that I liked was a pair of little scissors in the shape of the Eiffel Tower. It would have gone well with my Eiffel Tower collection.

Manu had made a cake for us that afternoon and we had a nice little visit. As we were driving home, Jerome asked his parents if we could be dropped off around the area where Sabine works so that we could walk the rest of the way home. They obliged us. While we walked, Jerome noticed Pascal’s car coming down the road. They stopped and told us that they won 2 out of 5 matches.

Got home and it was dinner time. We ate potatoes prepared in a pressure cooker along with a cheese from Jura, which you bake in the oven in its original cheese-wheel form, until it is nicely melted. You scoop the cheese and pour it over your potatoes. Really liked the taste of that cheese!

We played dominoes with Jerome’s parents for a bit before heading to bed.


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