DAY 1 & 2 (Wednesday – Thursday, May 27 & 28)...

Left work about 3:15pm picked up Jerome and drove to DTW. Parked the MINI at the Qwik Park. The shuttle driver was a woman so I thought she’d take it easy, but I was wrong. Sometimes you think you’re going to lose your life in one of those things.

On the flight we watched “Marley & Me”. Good movie – choked me up. You've gotta watch your tears a little when you're on a plane so as not to upset anyone who might not care for flying.
On the menu: Teriyaki Chicken with sticky rice & roll. Speculoos cookie for dessert.

Just before landing an egg biscuit was served which was so dry, I only had one bite and that bite stuck to the roof of my mouth for the duration of the landing.
Jerome’s brother Herve who works for Air France was there to pick us up; our luggage was one of the first off the plane which was pretty tremendous. He drove us in his sporty Alfa-Romeo to Tremblay-en-France where his girlfriend Nadia’s house is located and dropped us off so that we can could catch up on some z’s. He had picked us up in the middle of his work day and needed to return.

Jerome and I slept until around 5pm. I think we scared Nadia’s son Thibault because we were in the house still sleeping when he returned from school. It wasn’t until Nadia got home from work that Thibault came out of his room and mentioned that he thought someone was in the house.

Jerome’s Uncle Dudu and Aunt Janine arrived and we all relaxed in Nadia’s lovely garden with drinks and some snacks.

For dinner, Nadia made lamb with curry and bananas, kidney beans on the side and for dessert; chocolate mousse and a rhubarb pie from Janine.


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