DAY 14 (Tuesday, June 9) - going home...

By the time we woke up, Nadia, Herve and the kids were gone to work and school, respectively.

Francoise and Daniel took us to the airport. The flight was delayed and so we all sat and waited for about an hour. The weather was gray and rainy…not my favorite for taking off.

When we checked our baggage, we asked the woman at the counter if we could get our seats through her. She looked and gave us two seats on the wing, in the middle – she told us that she could block the other two seats in the row and so, we would have a whole row to ourselves. "Yes, please!" I said “not very many people on this flight”. No, she said, “it’s a good flight”.

We had a direct flight CDG->DTW and were on an A330, nice plane. Right at the beginning of the flight, they gave us a little packet with our headphones, an eye mask, ear plugs and a wet wipe. The meals on the plane were much nicer leaving France than coming in. We had a nice Chicken curry dish with fettuccini, some eggplant crumble, bread, cheese, pineapple slice, vanilla cream with raspberries and a drink. Watched “Coraline”, “He’s Just Not That Into You” and “New in Town”. The next meal was a small sandwich with some cookies.

Landed at 4:30pm and we were out of customs an hour later. Once again, our luggage was just about the first off the plane.
The shuttle driver from Qwik Park was extremely gentle. The very best driver I’ve ever had on one of those shuttles.

We were home a little after 7pm. It was a good flight; not much bumpiness.

So, Herve & Nadia will be coming at the end of July – we’ll go to Mackinac Island for the weekend and stay at the Small Pointe B&B on the island. They will make a trip on their own to Niagara-on-the-lake. Francoise and Daniel say they will be coming in March or April 2010 – we’ll go to New Orleans and San Antonio TX. Jerome thinks we’ll be moving to Europe in 2011…by then he will have lived in the US for over 11 years. I’m not so sure the economy will have recovered by then – I guess we’ll see.


dynochick (Jan) said…
I can't believe you got out of Metro in 1 hour from an international flight. I once waited 2 hours for my luggage from a simple flight from Florida. But it was a Northworst flight and could be the reason. They ended up just throwing our luggage out of a small door in the wall and onto the floor.

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