DAY 13 (Monday, June 8) - driving to paris...

We were invited to Pascal & Sabine’s to have the leftover lunch. Pascal’s brothers and their spouses also came and some others as well. We stayed until nearly 2pm and then started our way to Paris.

Along the way we stopped at Claudette and Roberts in Filvy. This is a typical stop either to or from CDG. We stayed long enough for me to, yes…use the toilet. I noticed that Claudette collects frogs…and I had a frog that was hot glued to some stones that we received from the Communion yesterday, so Jerome and I pulled it out from our suitcase and gave it to Claudette. Pour toi – Fabrique aux Nadia. She seemed happy with it.

Jumped back into the car and back on the road. Next stop was to see Jerome’s grandmother, Mamy. Mamy is in a retirement or nursing home (Résidence des Fontenottes). It’s really not a bad looking place. Not as sad as I would have thought after seeing what their hospitals look like a few year ago. She’s got a room to herself with her things like photos, knick-knacks and some furniture. A nice area where you can watch TV and look out at the scenery. However, according to Jerome, she does not like it. She is unhappy and is starting to not remember things. Oh, BTW, she’s 92. She’s a sweet old lady – that’s the vibe I get from her. I survive in other countries on vibes.

We stayed for nearly an hour and she was very happy to see Jerome. A little old man in a wheel chair rolled up to our table and spoke more to us than Mamy. Jerome said he was also born in 1917. He was completely bent forward in his chair and he must have been in a wheel chair for quite a while because his thumb on his right hand was long and formed into sort of a claw. But otherwise, he seemed pretty good.

Before leaving, I used Mamy’s bathroom.

On to Jerome’s cousins place; Bruno and Katrines for dinner. Rained terribly hard for awhile while we were on the road. Katrine made some really awesome lasagna. We visited a little while but didn’t stay too late.

By this time I really wanted to get home and see my kitties.


Tami said…
Your potty comments are killing me =)

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