DAY 12 (Sunday, June 7) - communion, the return...

The church today was in a different village; Chevigny-en-Valière. It was the African priest again. We had met him the last time we were in France (2007) when Emmanuelle was “serving” at the mass and we went to church. Jerome said he sounded angry in his sermon this morning.

Went directly to the community center. The place was all decorated with menus and little ladybugs and frogs on stones. Sabine was thoughtful in many ways to me. She sat us with a bunch of people that could speak English and she typed up my menu in English. It seemed a bit of a direct translation and one in particular sounded pretty funny to me: “Quails’ spits in the blood of black currant and porto”. YUM! Actually, it was quite yum indeed. What it really was was quail meat on skewers with a really nice gravy made with porto wine and cassis. And what would you think “Tray of our meadows” would be? I let you guess.

This party lasted the entire day; until after 11pm. There were some photos taken, petanque playing and a lot of sitting and eating. I felt like a force fed duck ready to become foie gras. Jerome and I did manage to get a short walk in at one point and I played a little basketball.

By this time I perceive that I have worn out my welcome when it comes to my MIL. It appears that she was speaking poorly of me to the group of ladies whom she was sitting with on the other side of the room…I have my sources. I can understand her concerns. Those that know me know that I’m not much of a talker when it comes to English, so it goes without saying that I would have trouble having conversations in French and when she’s standing nose to nose and loudly saying something to me in French; it’s hard for me to concentrate and know what she’s saying. I have no excuse…but what I can say is this, if after I’ve lived in France for a year and my French has not improved, then there is reason for concern.

Dudu and Janine took us back to Corgoloin.

Found out that D is home in Michigan – she came to help with mom. Not sure what’s happening at the moment. Tried calling, but the phone was busy.


Tami said…
I hear you. Forbes is pretty laid back and quiet around new people.And they are usually speaking english =) We stopped at my step-mom's south of Traverse on the way to Detroit. She was like, he doesn't talk much. But, she missed the whole conversation Forbes had for 30 minutes with her boyfriend outside.

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