DAY 4 (Saturday, May 30) - swimming...

Needed to be out of our room by 11am – didn’t get into the room until 3am and couldn’t fall asleep for a while. It was the first French wedding that I’ve gone to and/or heard of that didn’t have the gang of people going to arouse the newlyweds in the middle of their wedding night. I asked about it, but was told that this was not the “type” of wedding or the kind of place where that would be looked upon very nicely.
So…swimming pool time. I didn’t swim, but the Bosch boys (and girl) surely did! They were dragging EVERYONE into the pool. And midway through Jerome’s brother pushing, pulling, dragging or driving nearly the whole party into the water, it really began to get kinda old – I mean really, how many people do you have to throw into the water before enough is enough already? They knew to stay away from me, Laurence and the rents – I’m glad I was safe.

For those who got up early enough, there was breakfast by the pool. For those who didn’t, there was lunch. This was a lunch of barbecued sausage, some brochettes and other picnicy kinds of foods.

By the end of the swim-day, Jerome ended up with sunburn. He’s still peeling.

Imagine swimming in such a pool and having Champagne poured into your mouth...Jerome did that!

Drive to Corgoloin with Jerome’s brother Laurent & his wife Laurence. Jerome had put together an iPhoto book with pictures from their trip to the US last year (see previous posts) and gave it to them when we arrived at Francoise and Daniels. Later that evening we were joined by Sabine, Pascal, Camille and Emmanuelle for dinner. We gave them their book of the US trip. They all really seemed to like it. We had done the same for Jerome’s parents when they came for a visit in 2006, so now it’s a Herve and Nadia.

On the menu for dinner: Thin slices of meat that you cook yourself (perrade) and fries. The typical cheese plate and strawberries (from the garden) with cream.
While having dinner, I brought up the subject of Camille coming during the summer for a short visit - maybe not this summer. Perhaps next summer. Camille said that he promised a friend that the next time he went to the US, he would bring her along. Eventually I told him no. It's one thing to be responsible for one child (who's in your family) and another to be responsible for two (one of which is not in your family).

After the company left, I called my parents house and dad told me that mom hadn’t come home yet. So, got the new number and called mom after and she told me she has M.R.S.A. and has been placed in the contagious diseases ward of the hospital – not good.

When we had arrived, we had a choice between the bedroom on the main floor and the bedroom in the basement. I know from previous trips that if we stay in the basement, we sleep until after noon. It’s very dark, cool and quiet down there. I also have been told that my MIL doesn’t really care for the fact that we sleep that long. So, I told Jerome that we would take the bedroom on the main floor – and keep the shutters open so that the sun would wake us up. Plus the only toilet is on the main floor, and I tend to wake up once or twice during the night and it’s just easier to walk down the hall then come up from the basement.

Read a little of my Ann Enright book “The Gathering” and down for the count by 1am.


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