DAY 10 (Friday, June 5) - Dijon...

The idea was to go shopping and visit the community (Emmaüs) that a priest made for the unfortunate. It provides would-be homeless people with a home and a job, usually sorting and reselling donated goods. Jerome described it as a Salvation Army.

First, we stopped by Sabine’s to get some ideas for what to purchase for Francoise and Daniel for Mother’s and Father’s Day. Then we drove into Beaune to get some money out of Caisse d’Epargne (the squeaky account). We would withdraw enough to purchase some items while shopping and then give the rest to Francoise to deposit in our Credit Agricole account; which is getting pretty low.

Then we drove to Dijon to go to the mall and the Carrefour so we could pick up some chocolate, cookies, cassis, sirop and annise. We ate lunch in downtown Dijon at a new brasserie called “Flo”. They served us even though it was “late”; around 2:30pm. However, there was less to choose from because they needed to reserve it for later in the evening when they reopened. Fantastic tasting food, great atmosphere (other than that the Farmer’s Market that shares the same street must have just closed and the cleaning crew was out washing and sweeping the streets – loud!) and nice presentation. I highly recommend this place. Jerome was told the difference between a brasserie and a restaurant. A brasserie is more like an Olive Garden or other franchise types of restaurants where they receive some items that they can re-heat rather than making from scratch. Still, very nice. Afterward we tried to go to the Emmaüs, but by the time we got there, it was closing. Oh well, next time.

First day of a little rain.

Drive back to Corgoloin and had dinner: Shrimp (with their little black eyes still attached), potatoes and later, some homemade strawberry pie.


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