DAY 11 (Saturday, June 6) - communion...

Got up around 10am. Started getting things organized and packed one suitcase.

The communion festivities are said to begin around 7:30pm. A bit rainy and chilly today.

Jerome’s parents prepared some chicken and rice for lunch because they know I like chicken. Also some homemade cherry pie.

Barack is in Paris today for the D-Day Memorials and we spend a little bit of time watching him arrive and speak with Sarkozy.

By 3:15pm, we haven’t done much of anything. We still needed to go into Meursault for a gift for Francoise – when we finally did, we got stuck for a time in the middle of a wedding. The bride, groom and a bunch of the party were walking from the Marie (Town Hall) to the church and our car was right in the middle of it all – kinda cool.

The 24 hours of Beaune was happening today – so we stopped by for a moment. Actually, we tried to park in a grocery store parking lot but there was a guy that was hired by the store to keep everyone that was going to the 24h of Beaune out of there. Jerome was chastised (again) and we found another parking spot down the street. Really not the best weather and you feel bad for the racers who have to be out in the weather for 24 hours.

On to E. Leclerc for more shopping. On our way out, we noticed a strange looking person being pushed around in a shopping cart in the parking lot. Turns out this strange looking person was a guy in drag and he was being pushed by several other guys. After getting into the car, we went to investigate and found out that he was getting married the following weekend and this was in essence his bachelor party. He and his buddies came to talk to us and showed us that he had some tampons, rubbers and a dildo…funny.

Once we got back to Daniel and Francoise place, Herve and Nadia were there. We all finished getting ready and went to the church (Notre Dame of Beaune). Beautiful church. The music girl was pretty animated, so we took a movie. Jerome said he liked the priest from this church; he’s funny. He said you shouldn’t be 4 wheel Christians; coming to church first in your stroller for your baptism, then the car that brings you to your Communion, the car you arrive in for your wedding and the hearse that brings you for your funeral.

After the “official” ceremony, we all went to the community center of Vignoles for the party. Lots of food and drink. We stayed very late. Got home, went to sleep and woke up to do the whole thing over again.


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