Sunday, January 31, 2010

baby back ribs...

Two newsworthy things happened over the weekend.  My husband broke one of his ribs and my son allowed us to announce that he will be a father (and we will be grandparents!).

Thursday night, I fell asleep watching TV on the couch in the living room.  Friday is one of my days off and I like to watch late night TV whenever I can and I don't want to disturb the only full-time working member of this household.  Also, even if Jerome had been downstairs with me watching TV that late, when I fall asleep on the couch he has been duly informed never (and I mean NEVER) wake me up - otherwise I will not be able to fall asleep again for hours.

Early in the morning I heard this series of thuds, but being in the dreamy sleep that I was, I thought maybe the cats had knocked something down.

A few moments later, Jerome woke me up and told me he fell in the bathroom.  He looked a little in pain, but I didn't think right away that it was serious.  The mark on his side and arm were not that bad looking.

Then he started trying to walk back up the stairs and bring me into the master bath to show me where it happened.  He could barely walk and when he did walk, he was walking on his tippy toes.  Then he started shaking uncontrollably.  Then I knew it was serious.

What had happened was he had turned on the shower and let it warm up.  Our shower stall is really, really big and doesn't require a shower curtain.  The over spray or  mist from the shower started to accumulate on the tiles.  He walked into the bathroom, slipped backwards and then righted himself as he landed on the corner of the shower stall, where three tiles meet to make a triangle.  Crack, right into his ribcage.

We called his work to let them know he wasn't coming in.  We took showers (carefully) and then headed to the local Urgent Care.  The building was closed.  Not just closed but For Sale.

So, we headed to the next place.  We're in the country so we don't have a local hospital.  When we got to the next Urgent Care, it also was not open.  The hours began at 8am so we had some time to wait.

We were the only ones there and so he was seen immediately.  They took x-rays and yep, they say he broke his 7th rib (my mother asked later, was it the 7th from the top or from the bottom?...I don't know).  He broke it in half and the bone does not match up anymore.  It will heal a bit offset.

They don't wrap your chest any longer when you break a rib because it constricts your breathing and they've found it can cause pneumonia in some cases because people are shallow breathing.

So, he has to rest.  He can't lay flat.  At times he says he feels it moving around and it hurts.  He's been sleeping on the chair in the living room.  I'm sleeping on the couch.  He's worried his Kart2Kart Champion days could be over.

Other than that - I'm going to be a grandma in the late summer.  This was a surprise, but I guess not totally unexpected.  Not sure what all will happen from here - his girlfriend is in her third year at Grand Valley and he's still got a long time in the Army - there is talk that they won't marry right away,...but it's early still and things can change.

Anyway, I'm excited - it will be nice to have a little baby in the house again and I understand being a grandparent is so much fun.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

stalker alert...

I'll bet you think that I'm going to write about someone from my craigslist dealings - well, I'm not.

Did you realize that anyone, and I mean ANYONE can look you up these days - and FIND you!

On Thanksgiving while I was checking my facebook, I saw on the sidebar a picture of a familiar face.  The heading was something to do with Classmates trying to find you.  The person who was in the photo was not a classmate, but an old boyfriend...a stalker boyfriend from the mid-90's.  He just can't help but continue his stalking ways by now looking me up on facebook.  I had, just a week before that, added my maiden name to my facebook because someone that I was real classmates with was trying to set up our 25th reunion (yeah, I'm old).  When I saw stalker-boys face, I immediately got rid of my maiden name and only use my married name on facebook again.

Well, today as I was facebooking, his picture came up again - this time the sidebar title was "See who Googled you" and it says "Updated January 26".  UGH!  Now he's Googling me.

I asked one of the ladies at work to look me up on facebook and see what she sees (since she is not my "friend") and it seems that she could see ALL my photos and movies.  So, we got another co-worker involved and asked him how to shut that stuff up!  He helped me out and now, only my friends can see that stuff.

But, it's obviously too late.  I Googled myself and this blog is out there along with other things.  Links I click on not only go to me, but to stuff that my husband has put out there.

I would hope that 15 years will have matured stalker-boy and that he is just curious to see how I look these days (fat and old :) ) and not going to be up to any of his old tricks.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

a year ago...

...I started selling stuff on craigslist. I'm happy to announce that a year later we've gotten rid of nearly 100 things that were taking up room in our house. We are a bit richer in our pockets and definitely richer in space.

You have to have a certain amount of patience to deal with craigslist people. They are not always true to their word. It's not like eBay where you can give them a good or poor rating.

They don't always show up when they say they will, they don't always write back when they claim to be interested in an item and there are so many ill people...

As I recently emailed to one scammer "I have never met so many people (via email or otherwise) with more health afflictions than the people I deal with on Craigslist." That is so true. I have heard all the sob stories.

If everyone that emailed me really came to pick up and buy the items, I'd have twice the amount of stuff gone.

Initially I had just posted items without starting an account. But since it was becoming such a difficult thing to remember how much I was asking for an item when the ad expired (and I needed to re-post), I decided that opening an account was the better choice. When you open an account, it remembers everything - you just have to re-download the pictures when the post expires.

Craigslist is also a neat place to read some dramatic postings. Usually I will search under "re:" and then read how some people are rebuking other posters for asking for too many things for free or warning other people not to believe the post. Eh, it's something to do :D

We've given a lot of things away too. When we had the garage torn down, the contractor wanted to know if we would like to set aside any of the reusable material. We asked him to set aside all the wood that was still in good condition. We were thinking that we'd either give it to Habitat for Humanity or use some ourselves.

After the garage was torn down, there was so much wood that we decided to give it away on Craigslist. Of course when you are offering something for free, people come out of the woodwork (no pun intended). We had around 25 different people stating that they wanted the wood. I went through the list and responded to each person. We ended up giving it to two different people...and DIFFERENT is an understatement.
The first guy that I offered it to emailed saying that he lives in Armada and would use it on their goat or chicken shed. When he came out and looked at the wood, he was amazed at how nice the wood was. He said "they don't make that kind of wood any longer". He told me that he changed his mind, he would use the wood to make some furniture. After taking 1/2 the pile (because he didn't want to be greedy) he asked me if my husband and I like farm fresh eggs? I said YES! He came back a few hours later with 2 dozen eggs from his chickens! I thought that was awesome...and like I was in Little House on the Prairie :)

The second guy that came out was MUCH different. After speaking to him on the phone, I got the immediate impression that he was a bit of an overlord. The way he spoke to his wife was very demeaning.

They showed up and as I brought them to where the wood was located on the property, he asked me why are we building the garage? I told him that the previous garage was falling down and this is just a replacement. We continued to the wood pile and with one look; they were very disappointed.

I mentioned that the previous guy decided that he'd make furniture out of it. And with that, the guy looked at his wife and said "what do you think WE'RE gonna make out of it, dear?" in some weird mocking sort of way. I asked if he still wanted it because I had a very good response and many more people are interested. He said No, we'll take it. And with that he started picking up the pieces of wood and taking it to his truck. His wife went back in the truck to stay with the child that was sitting there. I went inside to get out of this guys way. A little while later, I hear some rather loud speaking and I go to investigate. This guy is loudly speaking to Jerome - I guess you could say he was yelling.

I found out later that Jerome came out and said "Be careful of the wood, there's still some nails in it". That's all he needed to say to the guy when he started telling Jerome that we shouldn't be building - that the poor people are going to rise up and steal everything from the rich people and that he should google "end game" and see what's going to happen in the near future.

My husband has no patience for people like this and he was trying to get away. The guy kept going on and on about how "the foreigners are stealing our money" how "there are death camps set up all over the United States" and the whole end of the world scenario. It was amazing. After Jerome asked him which foreigners he was talking about; you know, I'm a foreigner (and being told Rockefeller), Jerome told him to "Just pick up the rest of the wood and leave!". It was VERY strange and what a difference between the two people that came to pick up the wood.

So, I guess you need to be careful, but all in all, everyone that we did finally meet with (other than the wood guy) were all very nice and decent folk and so far, no one has asked for a refund.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

helio and the auto show...

Last week Thursday, the current company I work for (VM N.A., a division of Penske Corp.) had a photo op with Helio Castroneves. We were informed that this would happen through company email. I forwarded the email to my husband and asked him if he knew who this guy is. He told me that he had never heard of him. However I was still going to get my photo with him, since it means I would have to drive to the HQ building, leaving work an hour or so early :D

He races for Penske and won the Indy 500 last year ( and in 2001 & 2002) and I guess he was also on Dancing with the Stars in 2007 (he won there as well - must be nice to be such a winner)...I didn't know because I don't watch either of these things - I'm looking him up right now on Wikipedia.

I needed to drive to HQ anyway because I was also informed that my name was drawn for 2 free tickets to the Auto Show and I needed to pick them up.

So, I arrived earlier than most and was first in line to have my photo with Helio.
This Thursday Jerome and I decided that we'd use those free tickets. The Auto Show is not something that I've ever really been in to. I do and have worked in the Auto Industry for over 18 years, but am not all that thrilled with cars themselves. Most everything now is just a part number to me.

Back in the day, when things were good, we used to be able to take a day during Supplier Week and go to the Auto Show during working hours - since technically the Auto Show would be work related. Sometimes we'd be there during a time when Chrysler would be presenting a new product. I remember being in the audience when they presented the Town & Country for the first time. I still have the little frog clicker that they handed out...wonder if it's worth anything now.

Jerome was able to attend during Supplier Week, but I was not and haven't been able to since 2007. Economy and all.

We happened to pick the day that the Auto Show had been evacuated for a time because of an electrical fire in the Audi area. By the time we got there, everyone was back in the building. There was still a smell of burning wires.

Anyway, I have nothing much to report about the Auto Show. Jerome toured me around, showing me all the things he wanted me to see - which was good, because otherwise I'd just walk around aimlessly. We went downstairs and did the eco-friendly drive in a Ford Fusion.

At the end, Jerome asked me what was my favorite part of the evening. I told him that dinner at Mosaic before the show was really good. The drive in the Fusion was nice. Seeing the MINIs and the Smarts I liked and then playing foosball on the huge foosball table with complete strangers I think was the most fun I had.

BTW, if you are ever in Greektown and you want to try a really nice restaurant, I would HIGHLY recommend Mosaic. I had heard about them when they first opened downtown on an NPR show about what are the good restaurants in the area. That show does not exist anymore. Anyway, I wanted to try it then, but never got around to it.

It's much more affordable during lunch hours. Dinner is a bit pricey, so we did the next best thing; Jerome ordered from the appetizer menu and I had soup and salad.

His appetizer was amazing! He had the Tenderloin Vol-au-Vent, which was surprisingly a satisfying portion and I had the Warm Pistachio Goat Cheese Salad - the patty of goat cheese on the top encrusted with pistachios was enough to have a bite of goat cheese with every bite of salad.

We both had the Roasted Tomato and Asparagus Bisque soup, which was quite unique. The soup is on the thick side and they pour both tomato and the Asparagus soup in the bowl at the same time, however they stay on their sides. Then they do a little jerky movement with the bowl and the soup turns out looking like a ying-yang, only red and green. They add a little Parmesan cheese and a drop or two of olive oil in the middle with some clipped greens like parsley or maybe chives. It was fantastic. You could either take a spoonful of the tomato or a spoonful of the asparagus or mix them together for an interesting mix of tastes.

Oh, and since it is in Greektown, you can still get saganaki (flaming cheese "Opa!").

Saturday, January 16, 2010

update, update...

Garage door panel has been installed. With some reinforcement and from all the signs we can see right now, it's working wonderfully.

Jerome is still skeptical and just waiting to see if something will go wrong. In the meantime, he checked out the remotes and installed the remote keypad in the house and they all seem to be working fine.

Fingers crossed.

Friday, January 15, 2010

garage door update...

So, we had ordered a new Amarr panel from Dynamic Doors to replace the creased one. The charge is $640 for a new one. They wouldn’t offer us a credit because they believed that their door was a quality door and not the reason for the crease. They had to special order the new panel with the windows in it. We’ve been waiting for weeks for this panel to arrive. It was supposed to be delivered and installed before the tour, but days before we received a phone call from Dynamic Doors and they told us that the “recycled” windows were not fitting in the panel properly, so they would need a few extra days to figure it out. In the meantime, they would install another plain panel, just so that we would have a full garage door in place during the tour.

The man arrived Friday evening (dark) to install the door panel. Jerome explained how the door was flimsy and probably needed a reinforced frame so that this wouldn’t happen again. They went over a bunch of stuff that would be required for when they finally received the panel with the windows. The installer was to make sure that the opener was working properly and to adjust the force, etc. before he left. Once it was done and the installer was gone, Jerome went to test the garage door opener. He pushed the button several times. The door was very jumpy each time it was going up or down. Then it reversed on its own, which was good, except it hadn’t hit anything, so it was a little puzzling. One more time up and down, and then…whammo! The top plain panel (sans windows, so more structurally sound) began to crease in the very same spot! OMG! Not again! Jerome was really upset and immediately sent out an email to Dynamic Doors.

Mike from DD came out Tuesday night and we went over the issues. We decided that it must have something to do with the three panel door. We are now having him order a four panel door and he is checking to see if he can get a credit for the door and have us just start all over again.

Just before the holiday break, Mike called us and said that he spoke to Amarr and they don’t believe that it’s the three panel door that is the issue. They will try again to put a panel on that has the windows. Jerome is very skeptical that this will work, but has said as long as it doesn’t cost us anything, you can keep trying the three panel and see how many you crease. And credit us for the first door panel since it seems to have turned out to be the door panel that was the issue in the first place.

Mike is supposed to come tomorrow to begin the process of seeing how many top panels he can crease. In the meantime, we've had to rig a rope to the latch of the garage door opener so that when we close the current garage door, we'll be able to pull the rope and unlatch the latch.

We’re still waiting to hear from Chamberlain.

justin's in afghanistan....

Justin (shown in photo in the front of the line) was supposed to leave December 17th for his first (and hopefully only tour in) Afghanistan. He found out when he returned to Ft. Bragg after his block leave that it was pushed up a day.

Then again they were talking that it will be postponed another week or so. His company was on a 2 hour notice, so they couldn’t leave the area. He did finally leave on Christmas Eve Eve Evening (wow, that’s a lot of eve’s). The photo above was taken while they were changing planes in Maine heading to Germany. He called and told us as we were on our way, driving to Florida.

By Christmas Eve, he was in Afghanistan.

If you’d like to send him a letter or package while he’s in Afghanistan, please email me at yvonne.bosch66 [at] and I'll give you his address. Apparently, we're not supposed to post it on the web anywhere.
Since he's been there, he's purchased a fantastic hat. I guess it's pretty cold over there in the mountains, so this should keep him warm. Funny thing is, his digital camera was stolen already, but his hat seems to be able to stay on the side of his bed and no one touches it.

2010 ms walk...

Just registered!

This year we have decided to do the new St. Clair location. It's closer than the others and along the river, so I think it will be a good destination.

The other thing is that the date is later in May than the Ann Arbor event or the Detroit event. It's on Saturday, May 15. The walk will start at 10am. At least we can sleep in a little.

We always need team members - usually only end up with a few. Click here if you'd like to join our team and walk with us. It's always a nice morning.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

new years and the week following...

Just before leaving Tennessee, I got onto my email account and sent a quick note to my sister Terry to let her know we were on our way home and to expect us that evening. We drove several hours to get home - we did it in one day.

She finally looked at the note and quickly called us as we were pulling up in our driveway. She was not expecting us until the next day. So, they were not at our house; they were at my parents. They did not have time to clean up and make the place "look pretty" before we arrived. But it's all good. We would have just messed up anything that she had done with all of our luggage and stuff from our trip.

Oh, did I mention that she, her husband and son were staying at our house from December 26th? They were in town for Christmas and it's much easier to stay at our place than at our parents. Plus, they took care of our kitties...Oh, and they brought their 2 dogs; Zoey and Mocha. Kitties were not happy. at.all.
Jerome and I had joked that by the time we came home (evening of December 29), Sparky and Zoey would be such good friends that Sparky would be taking rides on Zoey's back. wrong.
The day after we arrived, there were plans to go to my nephew's restaurant in Wixom and enjoy some nice Italian food. Alex is an assistant chef at Volare's and brought out appetizers and dessert "on the house"! It was very nice.

Well anyway, we were planning a little family party for New Year's Eve at our house. We invited my sister and her family (of course), my brother Ray and our cousin Martine and her daughters.
Jerome made some fantastic food, as usual. He made huge scallops, we had crab legs and filet mignon. And he made his famous tiramisu. Just lovely. Terry made some appetizers and Martine brought some as well.
We toasted the New Year with everyone present and played games until around 2am. It was really nice.
Saturday, Bill and Nick left for Massachusetts; they both had to be back to work on Monday. Terry and the doggies stayed. We had a couple of days together before her daughter Erin and Erin's boyfriend Chris arrived - back from a conference in St. Louis and visiting Chris' family in Chicago.
We took Erin and Chris to Jerome's favorite place; Kart2Kart for indoor go-kart racing. Of course, as you've seen before, Jerome came in first for our group. Chris was a great challenger and was rather upset that he didn't do better. We tried to reassure him that he actually did better than most. It's just that Jerome is very good :D
They decided to stay an extra day so that they could do a little Detroit tour, but after the go-karting, Erin got very sick. So, they stayed the extra day so that Erin could recuperate. Which is too bad since all of the Detroit area that Chris got to see was the inside of my house.
Thursday morning was crazy with Terry and Erin packing the car to head back to Massachusetts, Chris packing the car to head back to Chicago and Jerome and I heading back to work.

All went well and everyone arrived safely at their destination. A good time was had by all...except for the cats who spent most of the time holed up in our bedroom.

They are happy now.

in the morning we'll have...

Well Donkey says we'll have waffles, but we had a really nice French toast. Tamim is the cook and he's not bad. He likes to try new things. The French toast had caramelized sugar, so no need for syrup.
We all got ready and headed out to Nashville. On our way we drove by the Nissan plant and the building where Tamim works. He showed us his cool new car - the Cube. He had a pool car for the time that we would be visiting so that we could all fit and drive around together.

We then drove to the Opryland Hotel and walked around. Apparently this is the site of the old Opryland Amusement park, where my Aunt Nan and Uncle Jim took me as a child. They knocked it down and built this huge hotel.

There was a cheerleader convention going on the day we were there. Little girls running around in their cheerleader outfits. We were lucky they were there at one point - eating - because of them, our buffet was $10 cheaper and drinks (pop) were on the house.

After we had enough of the hotel, we drove into Nashville. We visited the Parthenon that is in the middle of a park. We stopped at Kenny & Co. which is a very nice bathroom boutique. And then to the mall to do a little shopping. It was Tasneems 30th birthday and Tamim was going to buy her a purse that she had been eying.

After a few hours, we decided it was time to eat again and we stopped at Dalts Restaurant. Tamim had bigger ideas for us, but since we were too late to stand in line for this one "live music" cafe and we were not so hungry to go to this Southern Cookin' place, we settled for Dalts.

Once we got home, we got comfortable and headed up to our suite and spent several hours playing Wii Fit with Tamim. Tas fell asleep while putting Alefia to bed.

Wii Fit is hilarious!

Anyway, we had a great time and headed back to Michigan the following morning, after pancakes. :)

florida to tennessee...

The next day we took our time, but we were off to Tennessee to see our friends Tamim, Tasneem and their new baby Alefya around 10am or so.

The plan was to get there by the evening. The GPS said that it was going to take 11 hours, but Google said it would take us 12.5 hours. Strange that Google would be so different than the GPS…or is it? As we were about 45 minutes away from supposedly “being there” and we were still in Georgia, we knew something was wrong. As it turns out the part of Tennessee that we were going to is in a different time zone and it’s an hour behind. So, the GPS made the correction and that’s why the time difference.

We arrived kinda late, but Tamim had prepared a beautiful salmon dinner for us. We met little Alefya, who doesn't seem to cry or carry on - she's got the secret, she just smiles and smiles.

After some conversation, we were tired and headed to bed.

christmas in florida...

We arrived at our friend’s house on Christmas Eve evening. The meal that was planned was calamari, shrimp cocktail, mussels & crab legs. My first time having mussels and they were pretty good. They had one other friend over for dinner. Her name is Jane. We heard an interesting story about her, but since it’s not ours to tell – I will leave it only to our memory – but I assure you, it was a good one. Dinner was very nice – the weather was amazing – we conversed over wine and dessert and headed to bed.

The next day was Christmas. We exchanged gifts in the early afternoon. They got us these very cute tealight sconces from Pier I Imports, for us to use on our new deck/patio/porch over the garage. We got them some items from Trader’s Joes; Bell’s beer and cookies (YUM - doesn’t that go together well?).
That evening they had invited Terry’s brother Greg and his wife Veronica and their friends from Metamora, MI; Bill and Joann, who are snowbirds. The menu had prime rib and haricots verts. Marina made a beautiful (and tasty) Yule Log. Another evening spent conversing over drinks and goodies.
The day after Christmas, we went to the Delray Beach Tennis Center for an art fair. Picked up a couple of things; a small painting for us and a photograph for our friends Tamim & Tasneem, who we will be visiting later on this trip. After the fair, we went down to Ocean Blvd and had lunch at an outdoor cafĂ© called Surf Sliders. The weather was still beautiful. We also had plans to go to Terry’s brother’s place to take a look. Gregory and Veronica are building a new home. It’s been taking about 3 years, but now it’s nearly ready to move in. It’s a Spanish style house, but on steroids. I believe it’s supposed to be a million dollar home. Really unique home – I’ve never been in one like this. A lot of color, which I like. I didn’t take any pictures and I’m a little disappointed at myself for that.
When we returned home, we were exhausted, so we all went and did our own things; either napping, watching TV or swimming in the pool. Later, when we were refreshed, we headed back out to visit the American Orchid Society Gardens. Orchid’s come in so many varieties. So many colors and size of flower, it’s incredible. The grounds were very pretty too and soon we found Terry pillaging around in the dirt looking for seeds that may have fallen from different flowering trees. I think he ended up with at least two different variety of flowering tree seeds. I’m sure he’ll be successful at growing them too.
Late the next morning, we left for Tennessee to visit our friend Tamim and Tasneem. Before leaving, Terry and Marina gave us an orchid and a small poinciana tree. I'm not very good with plants. They've given us a coconut palm too, but it quickly died in my care. I'm thinking these poor plants are doomed.

one cute story during our travels...

The last time we headed to Florida during Christmas, when we came to a Florida toll, we were told by the toll collector that the person in front of us paid our toll. We were pleasantly surprised and thanked the collector and drove away. About a minute down the road, Jerome was like “we should have paid it backwards and paid the toll for the person behind us”. Oh well.

So now, two years later, Jerome says to me that he is going to pay for the person behind us. When we drove up to the toll, the lines were quite long, so Jerome kept changing lanes. He was hoping to pay for someone with a “reasonable” car; possibly a family. He had his eye on a Cobalt with a family inside, but they didn’t follow him to the final lane he chose.

What pulled up behind us was a huge red pick-up truck. Jerome was very disappointed and wanted to retract his offer, but I wouldn’t let him. I said you need to have the Christmas spirit whether it’s a large truck or a small car. He eventually obliged. And we paid for the gas guzzling monster truck with a smile on our faces.

For quite some time, we stayed together and at one point they passed us and gave us a smile and a wave. That was either for paying for their toll or because we have antlers and a red nose on our MINI. That's when we noticed the “Palin” bumper sticker. OMG! Stick a fork in him, he’s done!

We came to the next toll and we found ourselves behind the same red truck. We were thinking that maybe they would reciprocate.
We started reading the rest of their stickers – one said “did you vote for Obama? Thanks a lot A$$hole!” LOL! He looked at me and said, well, I guess we’re a$$holes…a$$holes that paid for their toll! (However, since Jerome is not a citizen, he really didn’t vote for Obama – but he says he would have - still, even today).
Turns out that this toll booth we came to was one of those where you pick up a ticket, so no reciprocation was had – just a good laugh at ourselves.

the holiday season...

December 23 we headed out early, driving to Delray Beach Florida. Destination: Terry & Marina's Place.

Lot’s of crazies on the road that day – trying to do their last minute shopping I guess. Several times Miss MINI nearly bit it or bought it. But nothing really happened other than close calls.

End of the first day we ended up near Macon, Georgia – not bad. The next day we had a lot more driving to do before we got to Marina and Terry’s.

family and etsy...

It's been a month since I've had a real post...that didn't include my father selling another painting; which by the way, he sold 5 paintings between Christmas and New Year. 4 of them to family members in Tennessee, but still - one was sold to someone from California. YAY!

So, my sister (who is a lovely artist), asked me to help her set up her own etsy account.

So, while she and her family were visiting (over the holidays), we spent many hours on the computer setting up her shop. Take a look, I have the link on the sidebar under ETSY.

Please take a look, start up a conversation (she would LOVE that), and buy, buy, buy! one of her lovely Welcome Slates or Lithographs.

Friday, January 8, 2010

it's been a while...

There's a lot of things that I'd like to post,...about work, unemployment compensation, what we did on our holiday vacation, Justin's deployment, how craigslist was very good to us last year and my sister and families visit.

However, I'm really tired right now, so it will all have to wait until later this weekend...

Here's a photo to keep you satisfied :D