helio and the auto show...

Last week Thursday, the current company I work for (VM N.A., a division of Penske Corp.) had a photo op with Helio Castroneves. We were informed that this would happen through company email. I forwarded the email to my husband and asked him if he knew who this guy is. He told me that he had never heard of him. However I was still going to get my photo with him, since it means I would have to drive to the HQ building, leaving work an hour or so early :D

He races for Penske and won the Indy 500 last year ( and in 2001 & 2002) and I guess he was also on Dancing with the Stars in 2007 (he won there as well - must be nice to be such a winner)...I didn't know because I don't watch either of these things - I'm looking him up right now on Wikipedia.

I needed to drive to HQ anyway because I was also informed that my name was drawn for 2 free tickets to the Auto Show and I needed to pick them up.

So, I arrived earlier than most and was first in line to have my photo with Helio.
This Thursday Jerome and I decided that we'd use those free tickets. The Auto Show is not something that I've ever really been in to. I do and have worked in the Auto Industry for over 18 years, but am not all that thrilled with cars themselves. Most everything now is just a part number to me.

Back in the day, when things were good, we used to be able to take a day during Supplier Week and go to the Auto Show during working hours - since technically the Auto Show would be work related. Sometimes we'd be there during a time when Chrysler would be presenting a new product. I remember being in the audience when they presented the Town & Country for the first time. I still have the little frog clicker that they handed out...wonder if it's worth anything now.

Jerome was able to attend during Supplier Week, but I was not and haven't been able to since 2007. Economy and all.

We happened to pick the day that the Auto Show had been evacuated for a time because of an electrical fire in the Audi area. By the time we got there, everyone was back in the building. There was still a smell of burning wires.

Anyway, I have nothing much to report about the Auto Show. Jerome toured me around, showing me all the things he wanted me to see - which was good, because otherwise I'd just walk around aimlessly. We went downstairs and did the eco-friendly drive in a Ford Fusion.

At the end, Jerome asked me what was my favorite part of the evening. I told him that dinner at Mosaic before the show was really good. The drive in the Fusion was nice. Seeing the MINIs and the Smarts I liked and then playing foosball on the huge foosball table with complete strangers I think was the most fun I had.

BTW, if you are ever in Greektown and you want to try a really nice restaurant, I would HIGHLY recommend Mosaic. I had heard about them when they first opened downtown on an NPR show about what are the good restaurants in the area. That show does not exist anymore. Anyway, I wanted to try it then, but never got around to it.

It's much more affordable during lunch hours. Dinner is a bit pricey, so we did the next best thing; Jerome ordered from the appetizer menu and I had soup and salad.

His appetizer was amazing! He had the Tenderloin Vol-au-Vent, which was surprisingly a satisfying portion and I had the Warm Pistachio Goat Cheese Salad - the patty of goat cheese on the top encrusted with pistachios was enough to have a bite of goat cheese with every bite of salad.

We both had the Roasted Tomato and Asparagus Bisque soup, which was quite unique. The soup is on the thick side and they pour both tomato and the Asparagus soup in the bowl at the same time, however they stay on their sides. Then they do a little jerky movement with the bowl and the soup turns out looking like a ying-yang, only red and green. They add a little Parmesan cheese and a drop or two of olive oil in the middle with some clipped greens like parsley or maybe chives. It was fantastic. You could either take a spoonful of the tomato or a spoonful of the asparagus or mix them together for an interesting mix of tastes.

Oh, and since it is in Greektown, you can still get saganaki (flaming cheese "Opa!").


Charisa said…
Hello, Helio! Great Picture! I'm sure Jerome wouldn't mind if you used it for next year's Christmas card!
dynochick (Jan) said…
Helio is the man. He was hauling a$$ on Pole Day last May.

Cool photo, no wait, great photo. I wonder if you sent him a print if you could get it autographed. I know some of the Cup guys do that. It can take up to a year to get it back. But how cool would that be. It's a great photo.

I don't care for the auto show. Mostly because I saw the cars before they were released anyways so it wasn't a big surprise. Plus, I don't care for the crowds and Roger will not stand in line for anything.

I know someone else that was at the auto show when it was evacuated. He went to the casino and won $$$$ while he waited.
baby sister said…
He did sign an already made photo of himself, so I've got that too - however it would probably be much cooler to have him sign the pic of us together.

I get what you mean about seeing the cars before they are released - at least drawings, for years - that could be why the Auto Show doesn't impress me...or it could be that I just don't care about cars all that much.

We were thinking of going to the casino...but we're not really all that into gambling...

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