one cute story during our travels...

The last time we headed to Florida during Christmas, when we came to a Florida toll, we were told by the toll collector that the person in front of us paid our toll. We were pleasantly surprised and thanked the collector and drove away. About a minute down the road, Jerome was like “we should have paid it backwards and paid the toll for the person behind us”. Oh well.

So now, two years later, Jerome says to me that he is going to pay for the person behind us. When we drove up to the toll, the lines were quite long, so Jerome kept changing lanes. He was hoping to pay for someone with a “reasonable” car; possibly a family. He had his eye on a Cobalt with a family inside, but they didn’t follow him to the final lane he chose.

What pulled up behind us was a huge red pick-up truck. Jerome was very disappointed and wanted to retract his offer, but I wouldn’t let him. I said you need to have the Christmas spirit whether it’s a large truck or a small car. He eventually obliged. And we paid for the gas guzzling monster truck with a smile on our faces.

For quite some time, we stayed together and at one point they passed us and gave us a smile and a wave. That was either for paying for their toll or because we have antlers and a red nose on our MINI. That's when we noticed the “Palin” bumper sticker. OMG! Stick a fork in him, he’s done!

We came to the next toll and we found ourselves behind the same red truck. We were thinking that maybe they would reciprocate.
We started reading the rest of their stickers – one said “did you vote for Obama? Thanks a lot A$$hole!” LOL! He looked at me and said, well, I guess we’re a$$holes…a$$holes that paid for their toll! (However, since Jerome is not a citizen, he really didn’t vote for Obama – but he says he would have - still, even today).
Turns out that this toll booth we came to was one of those where you pick up a ticket, so no reciprocation was had – just a good laugh at ourselves.


Jabbles said…
That is hilarious. They probably thought you were commies paying for someone else like that.
dynochick (Jan) said…
Palin...what a brainless twit.

What kind of person would put such a bumper sticker on their car???

No class what so ever on their part.

You know what they say.....

No good deed goes unpunished!!!!
baby sister said…
How dare you talk about our next President that way!!! :D

I think that is the exact phrase I said to Jerome after the "incident".

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