family and etsy...

It's been a month since I've had a real post...that didn't include my father selling another painting; which by the way, he sold 5 paintings between Christmas and New Year. 4 of them to family members in Tennessee, but still - one was sold to someone from California. YAY!

So, my sister (who is a lovely artist), asked me to help her set up her own etsy account.

So, while she and her family were visiting (over the holidays), we spent many hours on the computer setting up her shop. Take a look, I have the link on the sidebar under ETSY.

Please take a look, start up a conversation (she would LOVE that), and buy, buy, buy! one of her lovely Welcome Slates or Lithographs.


Charisa said…
Congrats to your dad on his sales and good luck to your sister!
baby sister said…
Thanks. I checked out your Etsy account today. Very cute. You've sold a few things and that's cool.

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