stalker alert...

I'll bet you think that I'm going to write about someone from my craigslist dealings - well, I'm not.

Did you realize that anyone, and I mean ANYONE can look you up these days - and FIND you!

On Thanksgiving while I was checking my facebook, I saw on the sidebar a picture of a familiar face.  The heading was something to do with Classmates trying to find you.  The person who was in the photo was not a classmate, but an old boyfriend...a stalker boyfriend from the mid-90's.  He just can't help but continue his stalking ways by now looking me up on facebook.  I had, just a week before that, added my maiden name to my facebook because someone that I was real classmates with was trying to set up our 25th reunion (yeah, I'm old).  When I saw stalker-boys face, I immediately got rid of my maiden name and only use my married name on facebook again.

Well, today as I was facebooking, his picture came up again - this time the sidebar title was "See who Googled you" and it says "Updated January 26".  UGH!  Now he's Googling me.

I asked one of the ladies at work to look me up on facebook and see what she sees (since she is not my "friend") and it seems that she could see ALL my photos and movies.  So, we got another co-worker involved and asked him how to shut that stuff up!  He helped me out and now, only my friends can see that stuff.

But, it's obviously too late.  I Googled myself and this blog is out there along with other things.  Links I click on not only go to me, but to stuff that my husband has put out there.

I would hope that 15 years will have matured stalker-boy and that he is just curious to see how I look these days (fat and old :) ) and not going to be up to any of his old tricks.


Tami said…
Wow...I am hoping so too. I will admit that I do Google people occassionally out of curiousity and nothing more. Especially now that I am not working.
Anonymous said…
you didn't know about the personal settings?! I thought you were all technologically advanced! -Sam

ps. thats super creepy
Jabbles said…
Hopefully you are right and he is "just curious" and nothing more comes of it.
baby sister said…
Tami - I understand being curious and bored - and I've also looked people up, but you nor I have a "history" of stalking that would give someone chills. By the way, you know who "stalker-boy" is!

Sam - I'm somewhat savvy, but I guess I just didn't know I needed to shut all that $h!t off! Since at first I didn't have my maiden name on my facebook, I guess I felt safe enough - flying under the radar. My mistake was to put my maiden name up there, even for a moment.

Jay - I'm not too worried, Jerome can fight him off :D
baby sister said…
also, I made a screen dump of what the "Look who's Googling you" and his picture. I was debating on putting it up on this post. Don't want to invite trouble.
Tami said…
Yeah, I knew who you were talking about....... I would be precautious too.
dynochick (Jan) said…
He would be a fool to continue.

I am so computer stupid it's unreal. I've done something to my computer where I can copy but not paste. WTF

My Facebook thingy is for friends only on everything. I really didn't even want to set it up but everyone told me I needed to. My photo is so little that I doubt if anyone would recognize me from it.

Just in case your ex stalker is stalking, "Hi, Stalker. Get a life."
baby sister said…

for copy and paste, have you tried the keyboard shortcuts? highlight what you want to copy, press ctrl & the letter c, then go to the area that you want to paste and press ctrl & the letter v. try it, it might work.

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