justin's in afghanistan....

Justin (shown in photo in the front of the line) was supposed to leave December 17th for his first (and hopefully only tour in) Afghanistan. He found out when he returned to Ft. Bragg after his block leave that it was pushed up a day.

Then again they were talking that it will be postponed another week or so. His company was on a 2 hour notice, so they couldn’t leave the area. He did finally leave on Christmas Eve Eve Evening (wow, that’s a lot of eve’s). The photo above was taken while they were changing planes in Maine heading to Germany. He called and told us as we were on our way, driving to Florida.

By Christmas Eve, he was in Afghanistan.

If you’d like to send him a letter or package while he’s in Afghanistan, please email me at yvonne.bosch66 [at] gmail.com and I'll give you his address. Apparently, we're not supposed to post it on the web anywhere.
Since he's been there, he's purchased a fantastic hat. I guess it's pretty cold over there in the mountains, so this should keep him warm. Funny thing is, his digital camera was stolen already, but his hat seems to be able to stay on the side of his bed and no one touches it.


Jabbles said…
That is a super cool hat.
dynochick (Jan) said…
What is that hat made out of????
baby sister said…
Justin says it's a baby fox. You can see it's face :(

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