garage door update...

So, we had ordered a new Amarr panel from Dynamic Doors to replace the creased one. The charge is $640 for a new one. They wouldn’t offer us a credit because they believed that their door was a quality door and not the reason for the crease. They had to special order the new panel with the windows in it. We’ve been waiting for weeks for this panel to arrive. It was supposed to be delivered and installed before the tour, but days before we received a phone call from Dynamic Doors and they told us that the “recycled” windows were not fitting in the panel properly, so they would need a few extra days to figure it out. In the meantime, they would install another plain panel, just so that we would have a full garage door in place during the tour.

The man arrived Friday evening (dark) to install the door panel. Jerome explained how the door was flimsy and probably needed a reinforced frame so that this wouldn’t happen again. They went over a bunch of stuff that would be required for when they finally received the panel with the windows. The installer was to make sure that the opener was working properly and to adjust the force, etc. before he left. Once it was done and the installer was gone, Jerome went to test the garage door opener. He pushed the button several times. The door was very jumpy each time it was going up or down. Then it reversed on its own, which was good, except it hadn’t hit anything, so it was a little puzzling. One more time up and down, and then…whammo! The top plain panel (sans windows, so more structurally sound) began to crease in the very same spot! OMG! Not again! Jerome was really upset and immediately sent out an email to Dynamic Doors.

Mike from DD came out Tuesday night and we went over the issues. We decided that it must have something to do with the three panel door. We are now having him order a four panel door and he is checking to see if he can get a credit for the door and have us just start all over again.

Just before the holiday break, Mike called us and said that he spoke to Amarr and they don’t believe that it’s the three panel door that is the issue. They will try again to put a panel on that has the windows. Jerome is very skeptical that this will work, but has said as long as it doesn’t cost us anything, you can keep trying the three panel and see how many you crease. And credit us for the first door panel since it seems to have turned out to be the door panel that was the issue in the first place.

Mike is supposed to come tomorrow to begin the process of seeing how many top panels he can crease. In the meantime, we've had to rig a rope to the latch of the garage door opener so that when we close the current garage door, we'll be able to pull the rope and unlatch the latch.

We’re still waiting to hear from Chamberlain.


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