in the morning we'll have...

Well Donkey says we'll have waffles, but we had a really nice French toast. Tamim is the cook and he's not bad. He likes to try new things. The French toast had caramelized sugar, so no need for syrup.
We all got ready and headed out to Nashville. On our way we drove by the Nissan plant and the building where Tamim works. He showed us his cool new car - the Cube. He had a pool car for the time that we would be visiting so that we could all fit and drive around together.

We then drove to the Opryland Hotel and walked around. Apparently this is the site of the old Opryland Amusement park, where my Aunt Nan and Uncle Jim took me as a child. They knocked it down and built this huge hotel.

There was a cheerleader convention going on the day we were there. Little girls running around in their cheerleader outfits. We were lucky they were there at one point - eating - because of them, our buffet was $10 cheaper and drinks (pop) were on the house.

After we had enough of the hotel, we drove into Nashville. We visited the Parthenon that is in the middle of a park. We stopped at Kenny & Co. which is a very nice bathroom boutique. And then to the mall to do a little shopping. It was Tasneems 30th birthday and Tamim was going to buy her a purse that she had been eying.

After a few hours, we decided it was time to eat again and we stopped at Dalts Restaurant. Tamim had bigger ideas for us, but since we were too late to stand in line for this one "live music" cafe and we were not so hungry to go to this Southern Cookin' place, we settled for Dalts.

Once we got home, we got comfortable and headed up to our suite and spent several hours playing Wii Fit with Tamim. Tas fell asleep while putting Alefia to bed.

Wii Fit is hilarious!

Anyway, we had a great time and headed back to Michigan the following morning, after pancakes. :)


Jabbles said…
I like the idea of breaking up a trip like that. I actually visited both Opryland and the Parthenon a few years ago when I visited my cousin in Clarksvile, I actually like Opryland even though it's not really my "thing".
I really like the styling, I am glad they brought it over to North America, I went to Japan in 2007 they are all over there, we actually rented one for they day, not an exiting car but I enjoyed it.
dynochick (Jan) said…
My son has a Cube. He's an engineer for Nissan and goes to the Tn plant all the time.

I was surprised how big the Cube was on the inside. It has a lot of nice gadgets.
baby sister said…
Small world. Yeah, Tamim worked in the MI Nissan facility until he was asked to move to TN. He does a lot of customer service stuff for Nissan.

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