florida to tennessee...

The next day we took our time, but we were off to Tennessee to see our friends Tamim, Tasneem and their new baby Alefya around 10am or so.

The plan was to get there by the evening. The GPS said that it was going to take 11 hours, but Google said it would take us 12.5 hours. Strange that Google would be so different than the GPS…or is it? As we were about 45 minutes away from supposedly “being there” and we were still in Georgia, we knew something was wrong. As it turns out the part of Tennessee that we were going to is in a different time zone and it’s an hour behind. So, the GPS made the correction and that’s why the time difference.

We arrived kinda late, but Tamim had prepared a beautiful salmon dinner for us. We met little Alefya, who doesn't seem to cry or carry on - she's got the secret, she just smiles and smiles.

After some conversation, we were tired and headed to bed.


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