DAY 3 (Friday, May 29) - the princess and the castle…

FLORENT SORIN et AMELIE BOSCH Wedding – Chateau des Condé, Vallery, France

Woke up at 12noon and got ready to leave. Herve had made pancakes from a recipe that he says he got from us…however, it wasn’t quite our recipe. He then drove all of us to Vallery.

Got there before 3:30pm in order to find our bedroom and change before the wedding would begin. Wow – what a place! Walked around the castle grounds a bit before going to find our room (which was located outside of the castle wall). Met up with Francoise and Daniel on the castle grounds. Their room was inside the chateau, but unfortunately, we didn’t get to take a look. Got in the car and started driving toward the house (sort of a B&B without the B) where we would be staying and ran into the woman who owns the house. According to the brochure, we stayed in the Chambres chez Colette & Didier.

As you entered our room off the first floor, you had to first walk through the bathroom in order to get to the bedroom. A little strange set up, but heck, if you’re not paying for it, you have little room to criticize. Got dressed and walked back to the castle where we met up with many of the family and other guests. We all waited awhile before the wedding began, using the opportunity to take some photos. Then off all together walking the small path to the church which was a short stroll outside the walls of the castle.
The bride, of course was beautiful.

Back to the castle and wait again until “the drink”. Here's a shot of Dudu being "Dudu".
We toured the grounds; the turret (which they call the Pigeon House) that houses the wedding suite, the Moroccan room with the wedding party suite upstairs; poolside. Absolutely Gorgeous!
At the “drink”, hors d’oeuvres included smoked salmon on little breads, white asparagus on little breads, foie gras in a tiny shot glass with a beat and gelatin mixture on top – it was like eating butter! Crawfish in an awesome sauce some mini pizzas, gougeres, etc. and cassis. Then dinner! (see menu).
(Translated from Babelfish)
egg of quail in meurette sauce.
roll of foie gras and steaklet of duck, small mesclin (lettuce), pot of crunching vegetables
slipper of Saint-Jacob to Noilly and saffron of Moynes
small sorbet house frosts
filet of beef and fine champagne and its trimming
cheeses closely connected to Bourgogne
wedding cake
soup dish of sorbets
coffee and its preciousness

Later in the evening we moved downstairs for a dessert of sorbet and then dancing the night away.
They had a beautiful fireworks display once it was dark using the landscape and some "ruins" as a backdrop. As the final firworks were going off along the ground - they presented the wedding cake (piece montee).


Tami said…
Sounds like a fabulous wedding!
baby sister said…
I would say they would have laughed at our Pig Roast :)

It was beautiful - great weather and awesome food...if only I could speak their language better...

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