could it be official?...

Yesterday I received an “Official Business” form letter from Lieutenant Colonel Fortier.

It states that Justin is assigned to Alpha Company, 2nd Battalion, 39th Infantry Regiment for Basic Combat Training.

It reiterates not to send food items, tobacco products, reading material or cell phones to your soldier. He is too busy and needs to focus on the task at hand. Also only use standard U.S. Postage; no certified or express mail.

It says that the drill sergeant is one person he will never forget :)

The graduation ceremony is scheduled for 9am on Friday, April 24th. He is granted visitation the day before; Family Day.

I’ve already submitted my vacation request to my boss! Leaving after work on Wednesday, April 22 and staying until all the ceremonies are complete.

His battalion maintains a website:

At times you will be able to see photos and movies of what Justin is enduring everyday. And you will be able to see his graduation later that day (4/24); it will be available from 6pm Friday to 11pm Saturday.


Anonymous said…
HOT DOG :) It’s official, he’s a US Soldier in training now :)
Anonymous said…
Wow, amazing, and pretty serious.
Won't send cookies :-(

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