super nintendo...

Bought an SNES off of craigslist last week.

We had played Super Mario World at a party a couple of weeks ago and it brought back good memories. I.LOVE.That.Game. It was really the only game from Justin’s many gaming systems that I truly enjoyed.

When Justin moved with his dad in 2002, he took all his gaming systems with him…including SNES and Super Mario World.

So, I scouted Craigslist and found one (probably a bit on the expensive side, but eh…); an SNES with a Super Mario World game.

We had some issues after we brought it home and had to get things righted with the seller, who was happily, very interested in making things right. But on Monday, a sick day for me, Jerome came home with it – and we’ve been playing every night for an hour or two.

Hours of fun and frustration.


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