2nd obit…

To my surprise while inputting all the previous owners’ names into the archival obits on the Detroit News website, I came upon one that I was really not expecting. The man who sold the house to Marina and Terry seems to have passed suddenly on July 26, 2005 at the young age of 54; Mr. Benjamin Leon Stone. He was survived by his wife Charlotte Ann Stone and three children: Brittany, Benjamin & Courtney. The obit said they were from Milford, MI. A Google search allowed me to find Charlotte A. Stone of Milford – her address and her political affiliation. Sometimes the internet has too much information that is very easily obtained. I also wrote her a letter asking for stories and photos. I included some more “behind the fireplace” stuff, which included a copy of the boarding pass from USAir from her husband Benjamin.

Thanks to the power of the internet, I found the name of the company that they (now she still) owns; GEOdynamicInd.com. This company specializes in transportation and management of hazardous & non-hazardous waste, in-plant cleaning & maintenance services, containers for solid / sludge waste transportation, materials recycling and reclamation, emergency response.

This is exactly the type of business they had when they owned the house, however I’m not sure it’s the same business.

Here are some stories that we have heard about this owner – until proven otherwise, at this point they are just stories…

When living in our house, Benjamin owned a fancy, expensive car such as a Lamborghini. He installed an alarm system in the house and garage. This included a camera and monitor. The camera is pointed toward the garage. We have never hooked up the monitor since we’ve moved in and don’t know whether it is in working condition.

We were told that there was a drive-by shooting while he was living in the house; of which a bullet came through the front door. We can confirm that there is indeed a hole on the lower portion of the front door, about the size of a bullet hole – there is another hole in the side door as well. The front door hole was pointed out to us by Terry Risko, the owner previous to us. We refinished the door last summer; sanding, staining and polying. There is definitely a hole there.

We were told that the Stone’s owned a hazardous waste facility – and now I have the proof.

Hopefully, Charlotte will still be willing to share some stories.


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