J. Gerald McLean...

I’m so excited that I’m hearing back from people that touched the house in some way.

This morning, I received a call from J. Gerald McLean. He was calling from his place in Florida.

He updated me on his close social friend Byron Scott. He told me that after Betty passed, Byron continued living in the house.

Eventually he had financial problems and the bank initiated foreclosure. Byron contacted his friend, J. Gerald McLean and they approached the bank. The bank was parrying and thrusting and giving all kinds of problems; usually if you offer to pay off the bank and pay off the mortgage, it’s all yours, but because the Vice President of the bank was interested in purchasing the house, they were giving all sorts of problems, but eventually they took the money and the Law firm then sold the house to Kenneth Kramer.

Yes, Louise Kramer was married to Ken. But Gerald was not sure who Patricia Kramer is; possibly the daughter. Gerald and Ken worked together for 4 or 5 years, but didn’t really know each other socially. Although, he did mention that Ken had been married several times.

He told me a little story about Byron Scott; he was a suave guy and usually got the lead in the plays because of his looks. He was terrible at learning his lines and would be studying a book or his lines the night of the play. But somehow would get it all together on opening night which would piss everyone else off.

He is passed, but had owned the property at the corner of 28 and Mound that is now being / or is developed.

Gerald then asked me who the owner was prior to the Scotts and I stated The Nordman’s. Oh, yeah he said, I forgot they lived there. Ed Nordman was the premiere real estate man in Romeo. J. Gerald’s first contact in Romeo. He rented some offices from him. Ed developed the piece of property across the street from the house into orchards. In fact, if you drive back there, there is a street named Patty Ann Lane, which is named after Nordmans grand-daughter.

J. Gerald still lives in Romeo on North Main Street. He goes between Romeo and Florida throughout the winter months. He told me that around mid-April, he’ll call someone from Michigan and ask if the coast is clear and then head back.

He told me that Gene Portwine was another close social friend.

I invited him to come see us when he gets back – I hope he takes me up on the offer.


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