the power of the internet...

Yesterday I was able to use the power of the internet to find nearly all the rest of the owners of the house.

It started with Chauncey C. Adams. This was an exciting find because I found that he is living in Ann Arbor and very possibly alive. I am waiting on his address and then I will send him a letter. According to the internet, he is 89 years old, meaning he was 25 or 26 when he was on the deed for the property.

The next was Earl C. & Bertha H. Heap. The search revealed that they were living in Albion, MI. I found their death records. Earl passed in August of 1972 at the age of 73 and typical of women, Bertha passed 10 years later in November of 1982 at the age of 80. They are both buried in the Riverside Cemetery. So, from what I have found it means that when they purchased the land, they were 47 & 44 respectively. One interesting thing that I discovered regarding Bertha was that her maiden name was “Adams”. This is a good find because that means that she and Chauncey are related in some way. Still yet to be determined.

I have not yet been able to find much about Jose Giles nor Ed & Mae Nordman.

Byron Winfield Scott seems to still be living in Washington Township and is currently 89 years old. If that is correct it would mean he was 52 when he purchased the house. Still need to find his address or any other pertinent information about him.

We already were aware that Roger Eugene & Susan Gayle (Hatfield) Hoke divorced while living in the house. That the house was then quit claimed to Susan and then she only lived in the house for a year or so before she sold it to the Stones. I found that Roger lives in Columbus Michigan and Susan lives in Dayton Ohio. They are both 60 years old now which would mean that they were both 37 years old when they bought the house. I have both of their addresses, so I’m hoping that when they receive the letter that I’ll be sending, that they will be interested in contacting me. Not too sure about that.

But the very best find, in my opinion was Leona Louise Renaud. She currently lives in Clinton Township and is 74 years old. That would put her at 38 years old when she purchased the house. I say she’s the best find because most of the items that we found behind the fireplace belong to her. According to the abstract, she lived in the house for 10 years, so she probably has a few stories. Also, she owned the house with Patricia Kramer and I’d like to know how they are related, and how the whole exchange of the property happened between the Law Firm to Kenneth N. Kramer on to them. One remarkable thing that I found on the Clinton Township website was that in January 2005 she legally had her name changed from L. Louise Renaud to L. Louise Kramer. I sent her a letter yesterday with copies of everything we found behind the fireplace. I hope she contacts me.

I am waiting for Mindy from the Village of Romeo to call me back telling me that she was able to find the tax records from the 40’s so that I can complete my application for the historical plaque. I will compile a lovely booklet on everything that I’ve found and submit it to the Romeo Historical Society for safe keeping. This will give the future owners at the least an interesting story.

By now, the first three letters that I have sent have made it to their destinations. I hope they are received well and that I will hear back from them.


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