Susan G. Hatfield...

I also heard from Susan Hatfield and another short email from Pat Portwine.

Here is what Susan left in a voicemail. I plan on giving her a call back, but since I was not feeling all that well for the past few days, it may have to wait until later this week.

Hi, my name is Susan Hatfield and I received a letter from Yvonne Bosch. I was just surprised to receive your letter. I did own the house at 249 Xxxx Xxxxx. I bought the house from the Portwines; I sold the house on land contract to the Stones. What I can tell you is that house was built brand new; I don’t know where those items in the chimney came from – that is just totally bizarre. If you look at the beams in the basement you’ll realized how that house was built. The only story I know about that house that might be helpful to you is Mr. Portwine was the mayor of Romeo and they were school teachers. I don’t know if I can help you with anything else. Give me a call. We had to do quite a bit of work to the house; it had been well lived in by the previous owners including the Portwines who raised all their children there and the people that built the house before them. But there was nothing historic about the house at all. Thank you, bye.

In an email, Pat Portwine was correcting the information regarding her husband’s career; he was a Jr. High math teacher most of the 29 years having taught High School only the first few years they lived in Romeo.

They had the kitchen remodeled in the late 1970's. There was a doorway from the kitchen to the dining room that they closed off to get more use of wall space. I don’t think that the current condition of the kitchen is the remodel that they did – since the countertop is Corian, which I think was something that came into existence in the late 80’s early 90’s.

She told me that the old coal-bin in the basement was fixed up and used as a dark room. Mr. Portwine was a photographer in his spare time.

She is looking forward to hearing what Ilene has to say. She has lived in Romeo most of her life and knows/remembers many people in the area.

As far as Ilene, I can’t say that much more was reveled when she came by; she confirmed a lot of things that I had been told in the past from Terry and Marina such as the magnolia tree in the backyard was planted for Betty Scott, so that she would have something pretty to look at while she lay in bed.

I am very grateful she lent me her pictures of the area from the late 1940’s and we plan on acquiring a slide projector and in the near future, go to her place for a visit and view her slides.


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