L. Louise Renaud…

If you build it, they will come…

It’s funny how apprehensive I get about getting in touch with these people, when it seems that people are more than willing to give out the information required, and are friendly about it.

I have written several of the previous owners and so far have heard back from (if you count Marina, whom I’m regularly in touch with) four.

The latest and the one I was looking forward to the most was Louise Renaud. She sent me a lovely letter and returned the copies I sent her of the items found behind the fireplace mantle with notations!

So, this is what I have learned from her letter. She was married to Kenneth Nicholas Kramer. She didn’t change her name when they got married. (I have found documentation on the internet that has her changing her name to Kramer in 2005). They were together up until his death in April 2000.

Ken practiced law in Mt. Clemens before J. Gerald McLean and Ken merged. Ken thought he’d practice more in Romeo, but his roots were in Mt. Clemens where he practiced for over 50 years.

When Ken purchased the house, they put it in the names of Louise and Ken’s daughter; Patricia J. Kramer.

The previous owner (Byron Scott) had gone into foreclosure, the wife had died and the three sons went to live with grandparents. Byron had a lot of problems. The utilities had been shut off and the house was in ruins.

When they purchased the house, it was full of furniture which they gave to the sons. It took many months to clean, paint, wallpaper (probably the wallpaper we removed when we purchased the house), etc. It ended up being a beautiful house. They loved living there but they were spending most of their time on the road. Ken was still practicing in Mt. Clemens and Louise was a teacher in Detroit. That was their reason for moving.

Now, on to the mantle items:
Supersongs letter: David Kramer is Ken’s son. He lives in California and spent part of the summers and Christmas vacation with them. He was still in High School. She says “poor David – probably still waiting, I’ll have to tell him”.

The Detroit Edison Company dividend check: Mrs. Anna Frances Kramer was Ken’s mother and Mrs. Anna Marie Riecher is Ken’s sister.

Note to KNK & prayer cards: Betty McIntyre was Ken’s bookkeeper. Betty was a very spiritual person.

Photo of Louise and Janie: Jane is Ken’s daughter.

Photo of old woman in rocking chair: Anna Kramer; Ken’s mother. She lived with them in Romeo and moved with them to Mt. Clemens.

So, that identifies most, if not all of the items that we found behind the mantle.


Anonymous said…
LOL, omigod - I haven't gone back to the family tree yet. WOW! You found some great family info!

I remember the Romeo house - what a great place! Louise had a great touch in all the houses that they owned, and a wonderful relationship with my step-bros and sisters. There are actually 5, then a half-brother from Ken's second marriage (my Mom), and I think Louise had a whole bunch of nieces and nephews.

Louise was wonderfully supportive during a very difficult part of my late teens (much to my mother's dismay). Glad to hear she's doing well, and it doesn't surprise me that she was kind and thorough in answering your letter.

Take care, and hope you and your family have many happy years in your historic home.


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