Ilene Lock...

A cold took me over this weekend. Thought I was getting over it, but whammo!

Friday we went to Rory & Heathers to see the new addition; Hudson Holly. Very cute. Then on Saturday we were expecting Ilene Lock to come by and give us more “stories” and show us some pictures of Gates Street. This is a sample of what we got. In the first picture you can see the top of our house in the background, In the second you see the properties on Prospect and where our garage would end up standing and finally picture number three, the well being dug.
As you can see, as they were building their home, ours was already standing – nearly done. According to Ilene, no one could have been living there because they were not tapped into any water. It wasn’t until Ilene’s husband Marshall had a well dug that our house and another tapped into that well and had some water.

She told us that she lived in that house for 52 years; but the math doesn’t add up, so I’m thinking it was a bit longer.

Right after she left, I got back into my jammies and lay down – and am just now getting myself out of bed to do my chores that I was unable to do over the weekend.


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