justin update...

All this house stuff has really distracted me on keeping up with updates about Justin.

Got another letter from him late last week. He seems to be frustrated with the lack of interest from the other troops that made it into “fat camp”. He hates that he’s classified under the same category as them. However, he has made at least one friend while he was there.

He says he’s been made squad leader because he knows drilling and ceremonies. There’s a little silver lining, they get their M-16’s this week.

Then on Monday, I got a text message.

8:24AM, Monday, February 9: I’m reporting to my new unit sometime this week. I just ran a 7 minute mile. I’m out of the fat camp.


Tami said…
Yay!!! Tell Justin GREAT job from me. Who knew he had all that determination in him.I am proud of him.

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