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Last week Thursday during lunch, Jerome and I met Jack Gamble at Bo’s Brewery in Pontiac. He gave us our packet of information. Basically he was able to trace the names of all the owners of the house/property back to 1946. He had me pay for a 40 year search, when in fact it was a 60 year search. He made copies of some of the deeds and a new subdivision plat from 1955. That was when the sub behind our house was platted – the Wonder Lane sub; which we are apart of now.

I’m thinking that I would like him to go even further back…all the way back to when the property was platted the first time – or further. I would also like to have copies of the other deeds that he didn’t get a copy of. That would give me selling price, and that would be pretty cool.

Here’s the rundown:
October 4, 1946 – Jose Giles, a single man sold the property to Earl C. & Bertha Heap, husband and wife and Chauncey C. Adams, a single man. The deed says the property was sold for $1.

November 6 1948 – Earl, Bertha and Chauncey sold the property to Edward & Mae Nordman, husband and wife. Again, the deed says the property was sold for $1 and that the new owners would assume an existing mortgage of $9218.54 held at The Detroit Bank, Detroit, MI. at a rate of 4½%. At some point during the time these people owned the property, the house was built.

June 1, 1957 – Ed & Mae sold the house to Byron W. & Elizabeth F. Scott, husband and wife. Again, the deed says the property was sold for $1.

March 1, 1973 – 4 years after Elizabeth’s death, Byron sold the house to McLean, Sawyer & Kramer, P.C. The quit claim deed states at the cost of $12,500.

June 4, 1973 – The partner Kenneth N. Kramer purchased the house from his firm for $15,000, and promptly flipped it selling it to a relative for the same amount.

July 6, 1973L. Louise Renaud & Patricia J. Kramer, joint tenants and not as tenants in common with full rights to the survivor. Hummm…this is a strange one.

November 24, 1983 – Patricia & Louise sold the house to Eugene F. & Patricia L. Portwine, husband and wife. Don’t have the deed.

May 15, 1986 – Eugene & Patricia sold the house to Roger E. Hoke & Susan Hatfield-Hoke, husband and wife. Who divorced in 1987, giving over the home to Susan. Don’t have the deed.

March 27, 1987 – Susan Hatfield-Hoke. Don’t have the deed.

June 21, 1988 – Susan Hatfield (fka Susan Hatfield-Hoke) sold the home to Benjamin Leon & Charlotte Ann Stone – through a land contract. Don’t have the deed.

January 24, 1989 – Benjamin & Charlotte re-mortgaged with a mortgage company. Don’t have the deed.

March 31, 1994 – Benjamin & Charlotte sold the house to Marina Kruse (with husband Terry Risko). Don’t have the deed.

And finally…
December 14, 2004 – we purchased the house from Marina and Terry. Looks like we are the 11th owners of the house – there were other owners of the property, including Jose Giles.


Anonymous said…
Wow! I was looking for my step-father's obituary to work on the family tree, and lo! and behold - here he is in your blog!

Are you buying the house on Market Street in Mt. Clemens? There was also another house that he owned that was over near Gratiot (I think...) and a third in Romeo that he owned in the 70s.

My step-father was Kenneth N Kramer. Your question about it being strange that he sold it to Louise Renaud and Patricia Kramer is actually not so odd :-).

Ken separated from my mom around 1970. Louise his "housekeeper" who later became his companion, who later became his third wife. They were actually married for a long time - til his death in 2000 - and by all accounts seemed happy.

My guess is that in 1973, the divorce proceedings with Mom were heating up. He probably wanted to get everything he could out of his name so it couldn't be claimed as a marital asset - Patricia is his daughter, BTW, from his first marriage. All the step-kids had a pretty good relationship with Louise, so it's not surprising that it would be titled in both names.

LOL, anyway - I'm going back to my very muddled family tree. Whichever house you bought, best wishes with it. I loved the one on Market - it had wonderful woodwork, windows, historical features. I hope it's that one - it was my favorite.

Take care,

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