a synopsis of 2010...

2010 started off not very pleasantly with Jerome breaking a rib in January and some strange feelings regarding certain friends.  I think we both spent a lot of our time this past year trying to sort out our emotions about the whole "friend" thing and what it really means to be a friend. Things are still up in the air about all of that, we are definitely still gun-shy.

Jerome's job continues to interest him.  There are some fun things happening there and the future could be bright.  We'll see as time goes on.  And I still have a job, which is always a good thing (knock-knock), in fact I've been asked to work an additional day a week, which is good for the pocket book, but bad for my 4 day weekends.

We had some visitors in 2010; starting and ending the year with my sister Terry and her family doing their (now annual) holiday trip from Massachusetts to Michigan.  Jerome's parents from France.  My son Justin (from NC & Afghanistan) and my sister D (from NYC) at different times throughout the year.  On his trip home in April, he asked his girlfriend to marry him.

We had several people in our lives turn 50 this year; our friend from Italy - Roberto, my brother Ray and my BIL Bill!  Lot's of partying.

We also hosted several parties at the house - kind of to commemorate the new deck.  We hosted my brother Ray's 50th birthday party, we had a going away party for our Italian friends Roberto and Agata, and we held our annual (anniversary) pot-luck - only a month earlier than normal because our lovely granddaughter's due date was scheduled for the date when our picnic is usually held.  And just last week, we had the family New Year's Eve "Bash"!

We also traveled a lot this year.  We went on a trip to visit Louisiana with Jerome's parents, went to Washington state to visit my niece and her husband, we traveled out east to pick up my son's car from my sister's partner's house in New Jersey; stopping in Sagamore Beach, MA and Brooklyn NY along the way.  We did some MINI Cooper trips to Traverse City and  Port Austin Michigan and then headed down to Fayetteville, North Carolina to welcome my son home safely from Afghanistan.

We did our share of home improvements this year, but not to a "burned out" status.  The driveway was the biggest project and we didn't really have much to do with it other than paying the guy :)  We also spent hours and hours painting the rafters above the deck that is above the garage.

We Feather-bowled and Curled!
Jerome awaiting instructions as to how to use the broom.
But yes, the biggest news for the year 2010 was the birth of our first grandchild at the end of August; Peyton Isabella.  She is the best baby that I've had the pleasure of holding and is completely beautiful!


Tami said…
I've always have wanted to try curling. It reminds me of bowling, but with grace.
Jabbles said…
Sounds like it started a little rough but overall was a good year. Hope 2011 is even better for you.

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