we bring you a special report...

Some interesting things have happened since this little trip out east...in the photo of the kayaks, you'll notice the two up front that are orange...?  Well, those WERE my sister's families kayaks.  The sea TOOK them a little over a month ago, along with other things, like BIL Bill's little wooden sailboat from his childhood (the blue boat behind the orange kayaks).  Also, the wooden staircase that took you down to the beach was washed away during the Christmas holiday.  My sister said that it was just built within the last year.  The sea must have been very angry that day...

Other than that, I wanted to report that also during the Christmas break my sister FINALLY delivered our piece of art that I purchased from the Plymouth MA Art Center while on this trip.  She was able to enjoy it in her home for 3 months!

Last evening, Jerome and I finally hung it!  Which meant that I needed to find new homes for the photographs of Ireland that had adorned that wall.

I think this sculpture is pretty unique and cool and goes well with the old photos of my parents and grandparents wedding.


That is a super-cool & unique piece of artwork! Really awesome. (and your table arrangement is pretty cute, too!)

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