a great start to the new year, my son got married!...

Justin and Sam tied the knot on Sunday, January 2nd at 3pm in Waterford, MI.

It was a small ceremony held at the Victoria Wedding Chapel that sits on the shores of Silver Lake.

In attendance for the nuptials were the parents - Bill & Kathy Risse (for Sam) and Danny Bruce, Jerome & Yvonne Bosch (for Justin), the siblings - Derek Risse and his girlfriend Elizabeth Zielinski (for Sam) and Trevor Bruce (for Justin), the grandparents - Mr. & Mrs. Risse (for Sam) and Markus & Pat Bruce and Eugene & Josephine DeYonker (for Justin).  Of course our beautiful granddaughter was present and Sam's Aunt Laura was Peyton's babysitter for the afternoon/evening.

It was a very nice looking chapel and after seeing it for myself, I would recommend it for a small wedding.  They really decorate the chapel in a nice way and make your day feel special, even if it is only for 30-45 minutes.  If I had done my research, I think Jerome and I would have chosen to use this chapel for our wedding rather than the Clinton Township Courthouse.

A limo picked them up and drove them to the restaurant; Filippa's in Utica, where we enjoyed some tasty appetizers, then salad and then a very filling dinner; your choice of chicken, fish or steak.
After dinner was the wedding cake which was very classy with chocolate covered strawberries.  The top cake was made with banana nut bread and the bottom was vanilla.

They headed out to Motor City Casino for the night via the limo.  She stayed in her wedding gown the whole evening while they did a little gambling.  His father and I sent Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and Jerome and I sent a bouquet of flowers to the room.

All in all the quickly planned event turned out quite nicely.  And now, my son is all grown up.  I even told him that I am handing over the responsibility of his finances and to change his passwords so that I won't be curious and check on the balances.


Jabbles said…
"His father and I sent Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries and Jerome" for some reason when I read that my brain skipped to "to their room" right after Jerome, I had a good laugh.
Congrats on the new daughter in law. Since they are now officially married will they be moving in together right away?
Beautiful pictures - looks like such a classy & memorable event! Congrats to your son & his new bride! :)
baby sister said…
@Jay, yes, they leave on Monday for North Carolina.

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