last time seeing Miss Peyton for a while...

 Today was my last opportunity to see my little least for a few months. 
Today Justin and Sam and a couple of their friends came by to pick up a dresser, Peyton's playpen and any other items that Justin had here.  Tomorrow morning (at 0 dark 30, as they all like to say) they head out to North Carolina to begin their new married and new family life!
Grandpa Jerome dancing with Peyton.
 I hope they have a smooth trip.  They will be driving a large Budget Rental Truck while towing his VW Passat!  Then Sam will be in her car with Peyton.  If you see them, HONK! :D


dynochick (Jan) said…
She is sooo soooo cute.

Hope they don't run into any bad weather.
Jabbles said…
Hope they have a good trip.
Hope you will get the chance to visit often.

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