trip to the big easy...

For a few years now, my Father-in-Law has been talking about going to New Orleans.  That was his trip of choice the last time they visited back in 2006.  But since Hurricane Katrina had hit only a year prior, there was really no way that it would be "back to normal" by September 2006 - so they ended up visiting San Francisco and the Sonoma Valley at that time.

I believe they were thinking that it would be more French speaking, since it was owned by the French and they have the "French Quarter".  I believe that they thought it would be more "put together".  Maybe their idea was more thoughts of how it is during Mardi-gras.  I don't know, but what I do know is that they were pretty disappointed with how the real New Orleans is.  And sort of a funny thing - looking around at the condition of the different areas, I would ask waiters or shop workers if that area was badly affected by Hurricane Katrina and they would always tell me "no, this area was not affected at all".

We made plans to visit New Orleans and drive around the southern part of Louisiana.  We were there for a week.  We found that a week is just maybe a little too much time.

We stayed in the city for 2 days and then headed out towards Baton Rouge, Lafayette, New Iberia & Thibodaux.


Jabbles said…
Too bad things didn't go as expected, I know how it can be when you have a different picture in you head then reality.
Charisa said…
Justin has been to New Iberia many times for work. I think one time he ate 5 lbs. of crawfish!

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