DAY 7 (Friday, April 2)...

Started our day with French Louisianan Crepes, which were slightly different from what Jerome makes.  These were a little more pancake thickness, yet pretty tasty.

We headed out to Grand Isle as we started back toward New Orleans.
You could see many offshore oil rigs far off the shoreline.  A little ghostly.  This area's industry is two-fold; seafood and oil.  Oil companies are everywhere.
Grand Isle reminds me of Folly Beach, SC, where the houses are on stilts.  It seems like a vacation town, but we did find people who lived there all year long.
Later in the evening, when we were trying to find a hotel near the airport - we were sitting in the parking lot of a hotel that was not up to par.  By "not up to par" I mean that the girl at the front desk was snacking on a Wendy's frosty and seemed very put out that we came through the door.  she just wanted to enjoy her frosty.  She was quite rude and they didn't have any of the amenities that we had become accustomed to.  We were sitting in the car contemplating on whether we were going to stay there or not when all of a sudden, out of seemingly no where came a horse galloping along the busy intersection with two young girls riding bare back.  The horse seemed spooked, I mean they were right next to the highway, riding into a heavy trafficked shopping area.  I wonder what they were going to buy, where they were going to park their horse...just a weird site.


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