DAY 1 & 2 (March 27 & 28th)...

Landed and had to wait for the bus at the airport.  Of course we missed the last bus by a few minutes and the next bus wasn't going to come for 20 minutes or so.

Jerome helped a couple of young ladies with directions - turns out they would be taking the same bus into town.

Took the bus from the airport into town.  We had to trek a bit with our luggage.  Can't say we were in the best of neighborhoods.

While on the bus, a young man was handing out little slips of paper with a youtube address on it.  I overheard him tell the young ladies that Jerome had been helping that he was a rapper and that this address was to his latest video.  I made a mental note to look it up, but he ended up giving me a slip of paper too.  He was a very nice guy with gold front teeth and a small "jailhouse" tattoo of a cross on his forehead; barely visible.  His name is Johnny Mobile and all you have to do is type johnnymobile1980 into YouTube and you will see that he has tons of videos up.  The one that he's busy marketing now is called "4 my peeps".  I like it.
For the two days we were in New Orleans we did the city tour...walking around.  We saw several street performers, we ate at the street food vendors that were set up along Bourbon Street, musicians everywhere, parades for no reason (weddings), Bourbon Street, the church in the center of town (St. Louis), a cockatoo on the window grate.
Our Guest House was in the French Quarter.  It is called St. Peter Guest House.  If you stay there, I would not recommend the rooms we stayed in.  They were very dark and dirty.  Maybe if you had a room on the second floor, it would be better, since there is a typical New Orleans ornate balcony up there.  My FIL remarked about how loud it was when he was trying to fall asleep.  And Burgundy is a quiet street compared to most.


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