DAY 6 (Thursday, April 1)...

The day Justin arrives back in Michigan.  His girlfriend picked him up and they spent a day at the house alone together...taking a line from the movie "Juno"; She's already pregnant, so what other kind of shenanigans could they get into?

We had nearly run out of things to do...Louisiana is not as large as my in-laws were expecting.  The night before, Jerome called the airlines to see if we could leave a day earlier, but they were going to charge us an additional $150 per person, so we decided to stay.

 On today's agenda was to visit the offshore oil rig that had been brought in-shore to be used as a training vessel and museum.  This was Morgan City, LA and it's about the only thing going on there.  We walked the streets a little, since we didn't have anywhere to go, and we needed to wait another hour before the tour started.  We walked by this consignment shop and didn't know what to make of it...would you actually buy something from this store?
The oil rig guide was pretty conservative, if you know what I mean.  He claimed that they have little or no impact on the environment and that they actually improve the under sea life by creating places for barnacles to attach and feeding areas for fish.  Sounds like a possibility, until...there is a leak that can't seem to be fixed and an oil slick the size of Rhode Island is heading toward shore, killing turtles and other sea-faring animals.  I'd like to take the tour now and see what he has to say.
Beyond that, we were just trying to find things to do, so we stopped at more Plantations.  Finally ending up at a B&B; Naquin's B&B in Thibodaux, LA. Interesting 70's style home - totally not updated.  Paneling and all.  They tried to update the kitchen, but they had only replaced the counter tops and kept the cabinets.  Not my style, but whatever works.  Plus they had a couple of newly built "apartments" that they also rented out - which were quite updated and really nice.  The inn keepers were very friendly and could both speak French.  My MIL had the French tour book that told her if they could expect some French speaking at the different tour spots - and it worked.


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