Day 4 (Tuesday, March 30)...

We visited more plantations today; Rosedown Plantation and the Oakley Plantation in St. Francisville.  We were able to go into the homes and have a nice guided tour.  One of the plantations was where Audubon stayed for a time while he was painting some of his famous birds.  An interesting thing was mentioned about Audubon; he was a Naturalist, not a Conservationist.  Meaning he would shoot and kill the birds and pose them before he would paint them.
At this same plantation was a wondering turkey.  His name is Gus and he had been abandoned on the property - he is a true Butter Ball.  He would continually spray out his "wing" feathers and beat them against the ground to make a bit of a intimidating scene.  It worked for a while until the information lady told us that he is friendly...then he was my best pal.
Later that evening, we stopped at a restaurant that a local B&B recommended; Randol's.  It was for the coveted Crayfish that we went there, plus they were having an early bird  special.  There was live zydeco music and friendly people that spoke some sort of French.


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