May 3rd we started getting estimates for removal and replacement of our driveway.  We started that early because we were hoping that by the end of May, it would all be done and over with and we could enjoy the rest of the spring.  I was hoping that it wouldn't interfere with the plants growing and that it would then give us time to clean things up before we would have any parties or people over the house.

We were given very similar estimates and so the decision was based on personality.  This guy seemed like an up-front guy - but I'm not the best judge of character.

The contractor, Vince told us that they would start in 3 weeks...end of May.  Perfect.

Then it became June 5.  OK.

Then the 9th...then the 11th...

8:30am, got a call.

I want to believe that he was thinking in our best interests today when he told us that he wouldn't be coming.  He claimed that it was going to storm and that all the material that he would be putting down today he was afraid that it would wash away, down the driveway and into the street.  Plus, earlier in the week I had told him that we were having a party this weekend and I feel he used that information against us.

He says he'll be here Monday at 7:30am.  So far next week looks like good weather.  I surely hope so.  Gotta get it done in the following two weeks, otherwise we'll be in Seattle.  And it would kill me to be postponed behind other "jobs".


Jabbles said…
This guy is starting to sound sketchy. I hope it gets fixed soon though.
Jabbles said…
This sounds a little sketchy, hopefully all is worked out soon.
Have fun in Seattle.
Jabbles said…
Sorry about the double comment, I didn't think the first one had gone through.
baby sister said…
Jay, that's OK, those things happen. :D

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