touchdown jesus...

I'm not sure why this story made me laugh; maybe the irony but earlier this week the statue was hit by lightning and engulfed in flames.

I was looking at the story all day that day - the YouTube video of it burning and then what was left afterward - just the steel structure with its stick arms outstretched to heaven - and laughed.

I learned about this Butter Jesus, as it was also known, by going to Roadside America website to figure out what kind of cool things we would find along our road trip with Jerome's siblings two summers ago.  Jesus was one of the many roadside attractions that we encountered.

I guess it's sad that this very gaudy statue is gone...but no worries, the church is accepting donations to have it rebuilt.  Butter Jesus will be back!


Jabbles said…
I hope they redesign him into an even more tacky statue.

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