lost in translation...

I think Jerome and I are just not very good communicators.

Check out the area where I circled in the photo above.  Giant birdbath, you ask?  Otter swimming pool?  Mausoleum?

We wanted the top edge of this patio to be flush with the rest of the driveway/ground, but that being said, we also knew that there would be a slight step up…however, we didn’t think we had asked for this dramatic of a step up.

It's not always the easiest to convey to someone what you were thinking.  It's also hard to put this into action when you are not home, but at work.

It’s strange but we will work with it…we have to!  Or get out the jackhammer!

The inside edge is just as high as our paver bricks – something we had asked for because the plan is to bring the paver bricks back on this slab.  The slab was just to be used as a nice foundation for the pavers…now it’s a FEATURE!

Last night as we stood looking at this new cement "thing", scratching our heads, we tried to figure out what we were going to do to make it better.  Jerome thinks that if we move the fence and anchor the posts to the top of the ledge, it will give the roses more room and will look a little more like we meant to do this.

We'll see how it goes - none of this will take place until we are back from vacation - Seattle, HERE WE COME!


dynochick (Jan) said…
Let me see if I understand this correctly...they thought you wanted a step up NOT that there would be a step up AFTER you put pavers on top.

I get frustrated when contractors don't listen. But your driveway and new garage are stunning.
Just catching up on your posts... am way, way behind on these things...

Your driveway looks stunning, and the path stamped is so cute! As for the step up... I guess it will just be a really big step up? Such a bummer that they didn't listen...

And congrats to your son & future DIL! And congrats on your granddaughter!
baby sister said…
Hello Jen,

Very cool that you have checked out my blog. I'm sure you were wondering who this strange person was who was commenting on your blog.

Thanks for the congrats. We're having the baby shower this Sunday - YAY!

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