DAY 1 (Saturday, August 2):

Stopped at Meijer’s in Ohio to pick up some groceries to make sandwiches which we ate at a rest area along the highway.

Our first real stop was in Lima, OH - the Allen County Museum where “RA” said there would be “Noah’s Ark, Dillinger’s Jail Cell and Things Swallowed”. At first glance, this building or surrounding neighborhood didn’t seem promising, but it turned out to be quite nice for the kids. They also had a 100 year old collection of albino animals, an iron lung, covered wagons, Indian artifacts, old school room and many other things. It was nice enough and it broke up the car trip.

We drove by “Touchdown Jesus” and the “Cowboy Muffler Man”.

Next was Cincinnati. We walked around downtown Cincinnati and ate dinner at the Cadillac Ranch. We continued driving and spent the night in Florence, KY, just at the exit where you can see the “Y’all” Water Tower.


Anonymous said…
How cool that you can find all the stuff you saw live and in person on the internet! And then you can link us to it. Wow. It's almost like being there myself.


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