DAY 3 (Monday, August 4):

The next day was canoeing day. There was no way that I could join on this trip because I had just started my period and I would have had to use the restroom every hour and this was a 4 hour canoe trip. I told them that today was my day to be a party-pooper. Prior to canoeing, they decided that they wanted to go for a little hike on some trails in the park. That was nice, although it was very hot and humid. We all sweat like crazy.

While walking on the trail, we came to an area that had a chill. This was the original entrance into one of the caves. It was blowing the cold air from the earth below. It was about 30 degrees cooler and it felt like we were under a fan blowing the AC. A little further down the path we saw a deer on the edge of a cliff eating some vegetation.

Later when they went on the river, I was commissioned to do the grocery shopping for that evenings BBQ. I was told by the lady at the Canoe rental place that there is a Walmart about 15 minutes down the main road, and if I wanted to do some Antiquing, there were several stores in Cave City. I decided that the first thing I wanted to do was check out the Wigwam Village Motel that was on the "RA" website. I drove over to it and went in the main Teepee. It had a sour smell; like very old and damp – they had a bunch of really kitschy items to buy. I asked if they would have any “rooms” available for that evening for 10, and she was sorry to tell me that they didn’t. I was not sorry, we were already in the cabins, but I just wanted to have a reason to go in to the office and check it out.

After that, I went into some Antique shops. The first one was in the garage of someone’s home. I felt a moment of doom when I walked into this very crowded garage and the man that owned the home came in after me. All I could think of was that this was probably not a smart thing to do on my own, when no one knows where I am. But everything turned out fine and I went to two other antique shops and then headed for Walmart.

I noticed that I missed a call from my sister Terry and tried to call her back. Couldn’t contact her so I called my parents. My mom was out of breath when she answered and told me the sad news that Bill and Erin had been in an accident with my MINI! I was told the damage was not bad and no one was hurt. Anyway, it was a bummer to hear that in the middle of your vacation.

I shopped till I dropped and got a bunch of fun things for the BBQ and beyond. I drove back to the cabins and unpacked. Went back to the Canoe place just in time to pick them up. Made BBQ in the complete darkness…very late. We seem to ALWAYS eat so late.


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